Magica De Spell in the original DuckTales series

Magica De Spell is a recurring antagonist from the Scrooge McDucks' comics, created by Carl Barks, as well as a recurring antagonist in the Ducktales television series and its 2017 reboot of the same name. A powerful sorceress living in Mount Vesuvius, Magica seeks Scrooge McDuck's possession, the Number One Dime, for her own machinations. Depending on the incarnation, Magica appears either as a slight nefarious foe seeking the Number One Dime to become a wealthy sorceress, or as an intimidated and menacing threat seeking the Number One Dime to fuel her dark agenda. The character from the 1987 series appears as a secondary player in the first Disney Villains War and the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains, while the character from the 2016 reboot appears as a secondary player in the third Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war.

Disney Vs. Non-Disney Villains - Part Two

While she appeared in the trailer for part two Magica played no role in the war.

Disney Vs. Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Disney Villains War

Vs Negaduck

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Cartoon Villains War

Vs No Heart

In his dark castle, the powerful wizard No Heart was confronted by a duck sorceress named Magica De Spell. Magica had come in hopes of killing No Heart and stealing his magic to increase her own power. Fortunately, No Heart had conjured a powerful amulet to aid him. Magica attacked with her wand, but No Heart’s amulet shielded him from the attack. Magica then used her cauldron to conjure a spell powerful enough to destroy No Heart. However, No Heart used his amulet to absorb the effects spell, much to De Spell’s horror. No Heart then turned the spell back on the arrogant witch, obliterating her.

Magica De Spell in the reboot series

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Magica De Spell and Poe are recruited into Mozenrath's faction, at the very start of the war.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Vs Madam Mim

Yzma sends Madam Mim to take care of her former apprentice, who betrayed her and she was Magica De Spell. Madam Mim arrives in her lair and challenge her into a wizards duel. The duel declares Madam Mim a winner, for destroying her rival's lair.

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