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Madame Medusa is a criminal and a participant of all three primary villain wars. In Disney Vs. Non-Disney Villains, she plays the role of Cruella de Vil's second-in-command but takes charge in Disney Vs. Marvel Villains.

She is the main villain of the animated Disney film The Rescuers.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains


Carmella Moro was the only child of Salvatore "Medusa" Moro, a powerful crime-boss living in New York City, so named because his wrath would cause his enemies to freeze up in terror. From childhood, Carmella was used to getting everything she wanted from her doting father. Salvatore treated his daughter to expensive gifts including jewels, cars, clothes, and even two pet alligators, Brutus and Nero. Only one thing was denied Carmella: love.

Despite Carmella's wealth and power, which would make any other woman the object of desire for any suitor, she was considered a hideous woman. People used to joke (out of earshot) that Carmella had more than earned her father's nickname of "Medusa", though for entirely different reasons. That all changed when she met Silvio "Snoops" Amatuna. No looker himself, Silvio could respect the talents that most men overlooked in Carmella. There was only one problem: Silvio worked for Salvatore Medusa's most powerful enemy, "Big" Ben Badun.

Salvatore forbade his daughter from seeing Silvio, even launching a war against Badun to keep their organizations separate. But Carmella would not be deterred. One night, Carmella went to her father and begged him to let her and Silvio be together. He adamantly refused. In desperation, Carmella took up her father's shotgun and threatened to shoot herself. Salvatore told her to go right ahead. Carmella pulled the trigger, but was not aiming for herself.

When Salvatore's men burst into the room, they found Carmella weeping over her father's bloody corpse. She told them the gun went off accidentally, despite the fact that Salvatore had been shot six times.

With Salvatore dead, Carmella took control of the organization. Making peace with Badun's own successor Bill Sykes, she and Silvio were married. However, Carmella could not stand to remain in the city where her father died. Moving to New Orleans, took over the criminal underworld in the Deep South. Snoops remained by her side the whole time.

Early Encounters with Carface

Carface, the most powerful criminal in the war, sees Medusa's mining operation as a threat. Most importantly, Carface seeks the Devil's Eye, a massive diamond Medusa is hell-bent on finding. Carface thus brings his associate, Killer, to help eliminate her. When their first attempt to gun her down fails, they encounter her at her estate, only for Medusa to send Carface into the water. Carface barely manages to escape the bloodthirsty Brutus and Nero, Medusa's crocodiles.

Allying with Cruella

Cruella de Vil encounters similar troubled with Cat R. Waul , Carface's right-hand cat, and thus proposes an alliance to Medusa. Admiring Cruella's malevolence, Medusa accepts. WithEdgarHorace, and Jasper, the two set out to eliminate Waul and Carface once and for all. Before doing so, however, Medusa and de Vil contact the now unemployed Mr. Lickboot, having lost his client, Aunt Figg, earlier in the war. He agrees to fund their operation.

Taking Out the Animals - Vs Cat R. Waul

Medusa and Cruella attack Carface's base of operations during a performance by Darla Dimple, as the witnesses would be preoccupied with the actress' performance. Though Pete interrupts the performance, the operation is wholly successful, with Cruella eliminating Carface and Edgar killing Darla's deranged butler, Max. Medusa takes the stage, attempting to kill Cat R. Waul in front of the entire audience. While she demoralizes a few henchmen with her pot-shots, Waul himself shoots her in the leg. Before Waul can take another shot, though, Medusa hunts him down and sends him scurrying onto a giant mouse-trap. Shooting the mechanism, Medusa sends Waul careening through the air, into a US mailing bag... right before it is taken by a train. Cruella and Medusa delight in their newfound criminal empire.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Vs Bludd and the Baroness

Medusa's reign over the criminal underworld, however, is be short-lived. Though she thrives under the Ruberian Age, Cobra Commander contacts his assassins, the Baroness and Major Bludd, to take her out once her mining operation is discovered. The two overwhelm Medusa's small time thugs, as the gangster barely manages a counter-attack. As Bludd destroys her base, Medusa tries to flee atop Brutus and Nero. Careening out of control, Medusa is sent flying into a steel pipe, crushing her spine. Injured and beaten, she goes into hiding, though not without leaving mysterious rumours about a special fortune.

Disney Villains War

Instant Karma

Medusa's revenue sources take a large hit during the outset of the war. Cruella de Vil then gloats about her own wealth. The two get into a fight over the phone, with Medusa eventually swearing revenge. Cruella, however, beats her to the punch, ambushing Medusa in her car. The two get into a heated car chase. Though Medusa is forced off the road briefly, it is Cruela who ends up the worse for wear, getting into a deadly car chase with her henchmen, Horace and Jasper.

Joining Xanatos

Knowing that others would try to succeed where Sykes had failed, Xanatos began assembling his own army, hiring the mercenaries Lyle Rourke and Helga Sinclair and criminals Madame Medusa and the Beagle Boys.

Vs Captain Hook

With Gaston and Pete dead, Frollo sent Captain Hook to recruit new talent for France's army. Heading to Devil's Bayou, Hook sought out Madam Medusa, thinking her criminal skills would serve Frollo well. However, Hook learned she was already employed by Xanatos, and tried to take her in by force. Medusa fought back, knocking Hook from her steamboat hideaway and having Brutus and Nero chase him off.

An assasin after her

John Silver also struck against Xanatos' forces, being sent to Madame Medusa's riverboat to assassinate her. Attempting to escape, Medusa was shocked as her hideout was stormed by Silver's alien pirates. Medusa and her lackeys got a few good shots in, but the pirates superior numbers and technology won the day. The riverboat was destroyed, and Medusa was lucky to escape with her life.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Re-Match of the Original

Medusa reappears in the reboot series in the same role as it was in the original series. She gets a call from her rival, Cruella De Vil. The two get into a fight over the phone, with Medusa eventually swearing revenge. Cruella, however, beats her to the punch, ambushing Medusa in her car. The two get into a heated car chase. Though Medusa is forced off the road briefly, it is Cruela who ends up the worse for wear, getting into a deadly car chase with her henchmen, Horace and Jasper.

Alliance with Xanatos

In the aftermath of the battle, Medusa is recruited by David Xanatos, who claimed that she would find "a better friend" than him.

Disney vs Marvel Villains War

Only a Pawn in Their Game

Medusa is a low level mobster in the employ of Sykes in the beginning of the war. She busies herself with various criminal projects in Devil's Bayou, receiving funding from her boss. She soon learns of a gang war escalating in New York City, in which Sykes is killed. Medusa thus falls under the control of an ever rotating group of leaders, from Mace Malone to Tombstone to the Green Goblin.

The Green Goblin proves to be the least conducive of Medusa's employers to funding her projects. Eventually, he cuts the funding entirely, as the project is not making the mob any money. Furious, Medusa hires Chang to terminate the Green Goblin. She fails, but the Green Goblin kills Chang before she gets a chance to divulge the name of her employer. Medusa is content to wait out the gang war, taking pleasure when Negaduck eliminates the Green Goblin.

Taking Charge

Medusa's buisness under Negaduck was short lived but Medusa supported him. For the Gangwar, Medusa introduced Negaduck to Horace and Jasper and provided him heavy weaponry. However, Negaduck's ambition proved to be his undoing. However, Negaduck's war did manage to create a power vacuum.

Immediately upon recieving news of the vacuum, Medusa went to Crime Central to claim the empire. She arrived just after Kingpin and challenged him for full control of New York's criminal underworld. After a wild battle with Medusa's shotgun, Medusa was able to take out the rear rotor of Kingpin's helicopter and send him plummeting into the Hudson River. Following this, Medusa was named the new Kingpin of crime and used Smythe and Hammerhead as well as fellow crime lord, Owl's, support to allow her to hold control.

Disney vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two


Three months after securing power, Medusa put Hammerhead to work stealing priceless museum pieces to help continue funding the Devil's Bayou expedition. Hammerhead hired Sandman to steal Klang's bells but the supervillain met his demise instead.

Not long afterwards, Medusa was approached by Doctor Anton Sevarius for help dealing withthe Quarrymen. Medusa put Smythe's robots to the task of wiping out the Quarrymen but they ultimately failed. This enraged Medusa and, coupled with the news of Sandman's failure, did not create a pretty picture.

Smythe returns to Medusa's tower just as Medusa and Doc Ock are testing the Hobgoblin's old Time Dialation Accelerator. Spider-Man swins into to foil their plans, but, before he can, Carnage slithers through the open portal and bonds to Spider-Man. This terrifying Spider-Carnage chases away Medusa and convinces Doc Ock and Smythe to support him as the new Kingpin of New York.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Team Rocket

Madam Medusa and Snoops are on the verge of possessing a very large diamond called the Devil's eye. Team Rocket spy's and hears everything and are interested to get the Diamond to the boss. Jessie and James confront Medusa with their Pokemon, Medusa confront the thieves with the help of her crocodile's pets: Brutus and Nero.

Teaming with Cruella

Meanwhile at Devils Bayou, Cruella De Ville visits Medusa and propose an alliance Medusa gleefully accepts. Much to Cruella's happiness.

Vs Boogieman

The Boogieman decides to takeout one of Cruella members, feeling that his forces are increasing he decides to take care of Madame Medusa the Second in command and best friend of Cruella. Medusa leaves and goes on his way to the Devil's House but the Boogieman will not let Cruella's forces to win this war.

Battle with Mojo Jojo's Forces

Mojo has Townsville at his command and starts to celebrate his victory but is interrupted by Cruella who orders his surrender but the evil monkey disagree and releases his monkey army. Cruella releases his forces to stop his evil plan, as Cruella and his allies beat the monkey's one by one, there are two forces that come face to face wanting Townsville for their own ambition.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Teaming with Queen Grimhilde

As Cruella returned to her base in an old dog pound, where many of the captured animal heroes were being held, she and her ally the criminal Madam Medusa were approached by Queen Grimhilde, who offered them a place at her side should the war turn against them.

Vs Tiana and Naveen

In Louisiana, Madam Medusa had captured the frog princess Tiana, another victim of Doctor Facilier, intending to take her to Maleficent to use to summon Chernabog. However, Tiana's lover, the true Prince Naveen, also a frog, witnessed the kidnapping and used his tongue to latch onto Medusa's boat, following her back to her lair in an old steamship. Medusa's pet alligators Brutus and Nero caught Naveen's scent, but he wasn't alone, having brought the alligator Louis and firefly Ray with him. Showing himself, Naveen frightened Medusa, who ordered her henchman Snoops to attack the frog with a broom, only for Naveen to dodge the clumsy attacks. In the chaos, Snoops destroyed the chair Medusa was standing on. Recovering, Medusa threw a frying pan at Naveen, who dodged, but left himself open for Snoops to crush him with a book. Louis moved in to help, but Medusa retrieved a shotgun and shot the alligator in the tail. Ray charged into Medusa, knocking her down, but as Naveen managed to release Tiana, Brutus and Nero charged in to devour them. The two frogs knocked the cage that had held Tiana down on the alligator's heads, giving them a path to the exit. Medusa had recovered and tried to shoot them, but her gun jammed. As the heroes leapt overboard, Medusa managed to get the gun working again, but nearly shot Snoops as it went off. As she watched the heroes escape into the bayou, Medusa was left to vent her rage on her henchmen.

Vs Dogs

Finding the pound where Cruella and her allies were hiding, the Disney Dogs and Cats found the group celebrating their recent successes. Breaking in, the dogs squared off against Cruella's forces, who quickly rallied to defend their prisoners. Edgar, Brutus, and Nero engaged the dogs as Madam Medusa fired potshots at them with her shotgun. As Pongo broke off from the melee and tried to attack Medusa, she knocked him into a wall with her cane, stunning him. Pluto tried to help, but was injured by a shot from Medusa. In the midst of the fight, Jasper threw a bottle at a window, breaking it. As Cruella and her forces began to get the upper hand, Dodger's owner Fagin crashed through the window on his motor-scooter, knocking the villains aside.

Though she may have lost the puppies, Cruella was determined to get them back, and she and her gang leapt into their respective vehicles to give chase to Fagin and company. Cruella and Medusa followed Fagin onto the train tracks, but Edgar made a wrong turn and came back to the surface, where Napoleon and Lafayette were waiting for him. However, the dogs soon found themselves heading for the railway, where they ran into Medusa, splitting the motorcycle and sidecar apart, while Medusa was knocked into a ditch on the side of the road.Cruella and her minions were not as fortunate, as the train knocked them off the bridge, though they survived.

Accepting Grimhilde's offer

Meanwhile, as Shan Yu and a few other Hun warriors who had survived the avalanche returned to Grimhilde, they found Cruella, Medusa, and Edgar seeking an audience with the Queen. With their own plans in shambles, they decided to cast their lot in with Grimhilde.

Teaming with Clayton

At the same time, Clayton approached Queen Grimhilde looking to join her faction. He also spoke to Cruella and Madame Medusa about forming their own hunting party to rival McLeach's. Eager to save face with Maleficent after losing their captives to the Disney Dogs and Cats, they agreed.

Not happy

Feeling the feud between Grimhilde and the Horned King could boil over into open conflict, she ordered the King and his followers to reinforce Grimhilde's forces at her castle. Reluctantly, the King agreed. Madame Medusa was forced to break the news to Bill Sykes, who was also none too happy about this arrangement.

Vs Hercules's Forces

As the army of Cauldron Born bore down on the heroes, things were looking more and more bleak. Madam Medusa fired on Moley with her shotgun, only for Yao, Ling, and Chien Po to return fire with rockets, blowing her gun up in her face.Seeing how the tide of battle was turning against him, the Horned King ordered his men to get their act together and kill the heroes.

Vs Forces of Bambi

Accompanied by a pack of wolves loaned to them by Queen Grimhilde, Clayton's hunting party travelled into the Native Lands to try their luck at disposing of the animal heroes.As Madame Medusa sent Brutus and Nero after Tod and Lucky Jack, Tod got between Medusa and Brutus, baiting Medusa into accidentally shooting her pet. Jack followed up by punching Medusa in the face. Jasper came to Medusa's aid, attacking Jack with an iron bar, but the horse Buck stepped in and began fighting the thug.The tide turned as Clayton's poachers tried to tie up the Patch of Heaven cows and Buck, though Buck managed to break free of his bonds.

Unknown to either the animals or Clayton's group, Hades and the Sprite were nearby, with Hades forcing the Sprite to use her powers to awaken the Firebird at last. As some of the other animals began to sense something was wrong, Koda slipped in unnoticed and freed Kenai from the snare. While the other hunters kept the animal heroes cornered, Clayton moved in to deal the death blow to Bambi, but before he could do so, the Firebird appeared over the ridge. The poachers were forced to flee as the Firebird unleashed its inferno over the land, consuming everything in its path.

Teaming with Pete

Happening upon the battlefield, Madame Medusa searched for Clayton, but was met by Pete, who had also survived the sea battle. Showing Medusa Clayton's hanging body, Pete warned her that she would share his fate unless she agreed to follow Pete's command.

Vs Mickey Mouse,Donald Duck and Goofy

On their way to the Underworld to find Hercules, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were passing through a cemetery when Pete and his gang arrived in a stolen car. Removing his hood, Pete revealed himself as his allies attacked the heroes. With the element of surprise on their side, the criminals quickly got the upper hand, with Stromboli slapping Goofy in the face and Madame Medusa beating Donald with a cane. Though Mickey dodged Winky's sword, Pete himself knocked Mickey to the turf. Having no time to waste with Pete's band of miscreants, Mickey donned Yen Sid's hat to deal with them. Though Pete recognized the danger, Madame Medusa charged in and got knocked back with a blast of magic for her trouble. Finding a second wind, Donald charged Winkie and beat him over the head with a broom before Winkie could bring his sword to bear. Goofy joined the fray, avenging himself against Stromboli by hitting him in the face with a club. Pete ordered his gang to concentrate on Mickey, but the mouse scorched his archenemy with another blast of magic. Seeing that they were outmatched, Pete and his allies retreated, allowing Mickey and his friends to continue on their journey.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Teaming with Lawrence

At Mr. Winkie's pub, Gideon introduced Lawrence to his allies - Pete's old gang, now including Dr. Doofenschmirtz. The gang was led by none other than Queen Grimhilde, still a hag, who was plotting to seize control of the world's criminal underworld.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Security of a Dog Pound

Madam Medusa appears as one of the official members of the Animal Cruelty Squad, a faction of killers determined to kill animals on the spot. In the early events, Medusa operates a dog pound where two dogs, Charlie Barkin and Itchy, are seen escaping. Despite noticing the two of them dugging a tunnel, her efforts were for naught as Charlie and Itchy manage to escape from custody.

Official Meeting

Medusa meets with the rest of the A.C.S.'s members, to report her failure to seizing the dogs. Despite her loss, her fellow brethren convince her that they already plan new avenues.

Disney Vs Comics War

Villains Battles

Vs Bill Sykes

Cruella de Vil calls Madame Medusa and threatens to send Sykes (her criminal associate) after her if she doesn't want to help the woman get revenge on Mok. However she refuses and she sends Sykes after Madame Medusa. With this chase in a subway, can Madame Medusa hope to survive or will Sykes take down his enemy or will they die?

Joining Governor Ratclifee

Meanwhile, Ratcliffe reveals to have survived his death against Alameda Slim and has allied with 3 defeated villains, whose one of them was though to be dead. As they plot a plan to take out Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam, but first they need the war to be ended.

Villains Battles 2

Vs Beagle Boys

Yosemite Sam sends the Beagle Boys to go and find allies to replace (currently) Pete, Hook and the Trix. During their mission, the boys are attacked by Mcleach, who was sent by Ratcliffe to take the boys out. When the hunter has got some difficulty, Madame Medusa intervenes...

Vs Scar and Shego

With Mcleach and Professor Screweyes dead, Madame Medusa decides to hunt down Scar in order to avenge her fallen friends. However, the lion may have help from his newest recruit...

Villains Battles 3

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)


Cat R Waul offers an alliance with Carface, but the dog refuses since he works for Cruella and the cat's mysterious benefactor wants her dead. During this battle, Cat R Waul's employer will be revealed.After their victory, Medusa and Cat R Waul recruit a new villain for their uprising against Cruella, Pete and Yosemite Sam.

Teaming with Pete and Yosemite Sam's Forces

Meanwhile, Pete and Yosemite Sam are happy of the Dazzlings' victory against Hobgoblin. However they are greeted by Madame Medusa and Cat R Waul, whose want to forgive Pete and Yosemite Sam for trying to eliminate them. Realizing that they may be useful, Pete and Yosemite Sam recruit them.

Vs Cruella De Vil

After her meeting with Pete and Yosemite Sam, Madame Medusa is taunted by Cruella because she's beginning to lose fame. However, the woman swears to do the same thing as she taunts her with her car. In this car chase, who will survive?

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

A meeting

After the attempt on her life by the Joker Cruella summons the criminal leaders (ie: Kingpin, Madame Medusa, Penguin, Hobgoblin and Two-Face) to discuss what to do with the clown .

Vs The Shocker

Kingpin, who turns out to be allied with the Joker, during a video call with the clown decides to kill the only person who at the meeting of the criminal leaders had supported Cruella or Medusa, to do so he asks Shocker to attack Medusa in his hiding place in the swamp the devil, can Medusa survive her assassin?

Teaming with Ratigan

After being defeated by Shocker Medusa decides to ally with Professor Ratigan to defeat Joker and his allies once and for all.

Vs Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Joker introduces himself to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as the new boss of the underworld and would like them to steal some of Cruella's last money on his behalf, Ivy at first doesn't trust the Clown so much, but when he promises to give a good chunk of the profit the two criminals are convinced.Then the two evil crime ladies enter the place where the money is deposited, Madame Medusa's pawn shop, Harley manages to be stealthy enough to avoid luring the hysterical woman through the alarms, but Ivy is more impulsive and attracts the attention of Medusa who wants to stop them, but is momentarily neutralized, but just at that moment Cruella was passing by and when she sees the two criminals she understands their intentions and begins, together with Medusa, to chase them with the car.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Deal with Lickboot

After Pristine Figg's money is stolen, Lickboot decides to contact Madame Medusa to help them beat Yosemite Sam and get their money back.To persuade Madame Medusa, Lickboot says that after doing the job she will earn half of Pristine Figg's money.

Vs Pete and Team Rocket

Madame Medusa tries to reach Pristine Figg's house to solve the problem with Sam once and for all. But Pete and Team Rocket try to stop her advance to prevent Medusa from taking their and Sam's money away.

Teaming with Ratigan

Ratigan and Sally Ratmousen, after defeating the cats definitively decide to help Madame Medusa and Pristine Figg to defeat the alliance of Pete, Yosemite Sam and Team Rocket.

Vs Pete and Yosemite Sam's Forces

Pete, Yosemite Sam and King Dedede are ready to launch the decisive attack on Pristine Figg. But she along with Ratigan, Sally Ratmousen, Fidget, Simon, Madame Medusa and Lickboot surprise their adversaries who are determined to return his house and her money to Pristine. Who will take all the money from the residence? Pristine Figg's alliance or Sam's?

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Reunite with old friends

Meanwhile, Sally Ratmousen reunites with Madame Medusa and Pristine Figg who are very happy to see their remaining ally again. As the rise to power of Pete's alliance in France has made it more difficult to find a safe hiding place, the three evil ladies are about to hatch a plan to defeat Pete and his followers.

Vs Wolfwrath

King Dedede proposes to Pietro's alliance to send Wolfwrath to attack that of Pristine Figg. To keep an eye on the wolf, the ruler of Dreamland will observe him from afar. Meanwhile Madame Medusa, who was heading to launch the first attack against Pietro and his allies, is targeted by Wolfwrath.

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

In The Crime Empire

Criminals across the world begin to ally in hopes of getting rid of the invaders.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Heroes Vs Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Dodger and his crew

Dodger and his crew decide to rescue some puppies, but first they have to deal with Madame Medusa and her crocodiles first. Will the dogs be able to save the puppies or Dodger need to reunite his group again?

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War


  • The fight between Medusa and Cat R. Waul is DvND co-creator 73windman's tenth favorite DvND fight.