Mad Mod
Mad Mod is a recurring antagonist in the Teen Titan series. A fashion designer, as well as a lethal fighter and smuggler, equipping himself with gadgets, while also setting off traps, Mad Mod usually makes various references to the 1960's British Mod culture throughout the series, hence his name. He appears in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War, with the footage taken from the original animated series.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Bringing the House Down

At some point in time, Mad Mod is challenged by Dr. Greed, a corporate manager, who wanted to take him out of the criminal syndicate. His tricks manage to distract Mod, forcing to make a tactical retreat. Thinking, that he has won the day, Dr. Greed is caught off guard, when Mod reappears and mocks his foe. His foe then proceeds to tilt the floor, beneath Dr. Greed and his men, toppling one of them into the abyss. Seeing that the tide has turned against him, Dr. Greed and his remain henchmen attempt to flee, only for Mad Mod to corner them. They are helpless, as Greed and his men fall to their doom.

Alliance with El Supremo

In order to see the British Supremancy come to pass, Mad Mod forges a trustworthy alliance with the terrorist El Supremo and the sorceress Messina.

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