444px-Mace Malone
Mace Malone is a minor antagonist in the Disney animated series, Gargoyles. A 1930s mobster able to live for extremely long periods of time due to his living in the infamous Hotel Cabal, Malone is a minor player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

After his friend, Sykes, dies at the hands of the Kingpin and his forces, Malone goes to his fallen comrade's funeral. While at the funeral, Malone has a discussion with fellow mobster, Tombstone. Malone accidentally lets slip that he has taken over Sykes's territory, something Tombstone has been wanting for years. Late in the night, Tombstone infiltrates Malone's lair, the notoriously labyrinthine Hotel Cabal, in an attempt to murder Mace. Mace himself tracks Tombstone's progress, using all the weapons at his disposal to try to kill Tombstone. He manages to bury a few boomerangs into Tombstone's back, but Tombstone manages to get through most of the main corridors of the hotel. Realizing that Tombstone must have some sort of hotel key, Malone takes up a rifle and tries to kill his foe personally. He gets in a few good shots, but Tombstone shoots him and his rifle down an elevator shaft. Malone flees, only to learn that the key Tombstone was using to escape the hotel was his own. Now without a key, Malone wanders throughout the hotel, searching in vain for a room. It is presumed that he dies of starvation after so much searching.

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