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MODOK is a powerful Marvel supervillain in charge of running the nefarious computer technology firm, AIM. MODOK is a secondary player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Defending His Property

MODOK gets a contract from Ultron to prepare the robot with more powerful upgrades. MODOK complies, but the files are soon threatened by a hacking attempt from David Xanatos. MODOK, ever computer-savvy, defends his systems from the hack, designing an entirely new computer defense system. He detects two invaders relatively quickly - Maleficent and Pete. He thus sends out a data version of Silver Sable to defeat them. Unfortunately, Pete ends up destroying it.


Maleficent and Pete ultimately lead Xanatos to the Ultron upgrades, allowing the billionaire to steal them. Furious, MODOK puts his entire facility on lockdown. This does not stop Demona, Xanatos's assistant, from barging into the room. She shoots and stuns MODOK before turning her attention to MODOK's men. Before Demona can cause any further collateral damage, MODOK blasts her laser rifle out of her hand. He then turns up his sonic energy waves, hoping to cause Demona's brain to hemhorrage. This tactic fails, as Demona takes up her rifle once again and shoots MODOK directly in the face with a lethal blast.

MODOK in the universe CGI