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Lumpjaw is the main antagonist in the Fun and Fancy's animated segment, Bongo. A massive and fearsome bear, terrorising the local bears, Lumpjaw appears as a minor player in the villains tournaments, either standing on his own, or by joining the villains' ranks.

Disney Villains War


Slade found himself up against a more challenging enemy in the backwoods of Minnesota, running afoul of the powerful grizzly bear Lumpjaw. The bear easily took out Slade's hunting dog, Chief, before turning his attention to the hunter. After a fearsome chase, Slade finally got the better of his adversary, shooting him and knocking him into a river. However, this proved to be a pyhrric victory, as he had lost both his loyal companion and his quarry.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Peter and Cheshire Cat

With the new circus show approaching, the Coachman tasked Foulfellow and Gideon with driving children towards Paris to be transformed into donkeys during the festivities. For this purpose, the two con artists unleashed the Coachman's new circus bear, Lumpjaw, into the woods. Meanwhile, the Russian boy Peter and his animal companions discovered the strange Cheshire Cat, who warned them of approaching danger. Lumpjaw arrived on the scene, making to attack Peter and his friends, only for the woodpecker Sasha to punch the bear in the face. Lumpjaw's clumsy blows were no match for Sasha's speed, but Lumpjaw turned his attention to Peter when Sasha evaded him. Lumpjaw made to crush Peter with a boulder, but Sasha swooped in and attacked once more, causing Lumpjaw to drop the boulder on his own head. As the Cheshire Cat laughed at the situation playing out before him, Lumpjaw turned his attention to the mischievous spirit. The Cat disappeared, but Lumpjaw could still see his footprints on the ground. Lunging for the Cat, Lumpjaw caught nothing but air, the victim of another trick. Reappearing back in a tree, the Cat continued to distract Lumpjaw while Peter and his friends ran for cover, not knowing they were heading in towards the circus as Foulfellow and Gideon had intended.

Prepared for the show

Told by his men that more children were on the way, the Coachman prepared for his grandest show yet. Warned by Sarousch that there might be an escape attempt, he brought in all his allies to make sure everything went flawlessly.

Battle of the Circus

As the prisoners were freed, Lumpjaw came to stop them, overpowering Fagin when he tried to interfere. Mrs. Jumbo, breaking loose from her bonds, came to Fagin's aid, knocking out the bear with a thrown haybale. Seeing Lumpjaw fall, Sarousch used his tricks and illusions to summon the Pink Elephants and the Heffalumps and Woozles to even the odds.When Dumbo knocked out Lumpjaw again, Sarousch summoned more of the Pink Elephants, Heffalumps, and Woozles, which managed to wound several of the heroes.

Spying Pooh and his new friends

On their way back to the 100 Acre Wood, Pooh and his friends stumbled across some of the children escaping from the Coachman's circus, including Peter, Brer Rabbit, and Bongo, being led into the forests by the Cheshire Cat. Curious, the 100 Acre Wood group decided to investigate. Little did they know that something else had followed them from the circus.

Battle with Forces of Nature

But things got worse when Lumpjaw arrived. Peter fired on the bear with his popgun, but it only served to annoy the fearsome beast. The other heroes managed to force Copper back and run, but Lumpjaw, Copper, and Rico chased after them.

Herded into the center of the jungle by their attackers, the heroes were confronted by Zira and Amos Slade. As most of the heroes fought against the hunting dogs, Koda was cornered by Lumpjaw, but managed to kick a stone out from under Lumpjaw's feet, destabilizing the ground and sending him into the river. Lumpjaw could not escape the rapids and drifted off away from the battlefield.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

Vs Cagney

Pete demands that Dr. Drakken will help him in the war so the scientist tells him about two ravenous beasts he captured and tamned the bear Lumpjaw and a savage Wolf they are sent out to eat any bosses they find and they target the giant flower Cagney Carnation Lumpjaw picks up a rock but get knocks out by Cagney as he recovered the Wolf and him try to attack her but gets knocked out by the thorn missiles as the Wolf climbed up a tree he gets shot by Cagney as Lumpjaw grabs a log a sunflower bomb makes him fall into the river.


Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Valmont

Valmont and Joker discuss a plan to help Green Goblin to rid of Coachman, so Joker sends Valmont to train himself in a forest by killing Lumpjaw. However, Valmont's powers are able to kill the bear easily, making a smile on Joker's face.