Luke Valentine is a minor antagonist in the Hellsing manga and the subsequent anime series, Hellsing Ultimate. An arrogant Nazi vampire, Valentine is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

The Valentine Brothers are tasked by the Major to kill one of the strongest criminal world leaders, David Xanatos. Upon tracking him on the Eyrie Building, Luke Valentine has his brother, Jan, to take several of their ghoul minions, and find Xanatos' family, while he himself would distract the main force. Upon encountering David Xanatos, Luke proclaims himself a big fan of his work, due to his popularity as a leader. When Xanatos orders his security troops to deal with the vampire, Luke evades all of their attacks. However, he is forced to retreat, after Xanatos' remain forces manage to take out his brother Jan, and, the ghoul armies.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

The Battle of Cobra Mansion

On the orders of the Major, Luke and his brother, Jan, head off with their ghoul army to take down Cobra Commander in his mansion. Jan takes charge of the main portion of ghouls, with Luke acting as the heavy artillery. Once the two gain entry to the mansion, Luke breaks off from his brother somewhat. When Storm Shadow arrives to take down Jan's ghouls, Luke is the only vampire able to dodge his sword slashes. Destro summons some reinforcements, but Luke literally tears clean through them. However, Luke decides to play the battle by ear. When Jan ends up destroyed after a disastrous blunder, Luke decides to retreat. He is the only survivor of the battle from the Milennium faction.

An Inferior Breed

Having fled the mansion, Luke Valentine finds himself in the crypt of Dracula himself. Declaring himself a fan of Dracula's work, Luke attacks the Count in order to prove that he is the superior vampire. Dracula knocks Luke down before he can even fire a shot, but Valentine recovers quickly and manages to get off several shots. Dracula, however, evades them all. Horrified that Dracula was able to outmatch him, Valentine tries to flee, only for the Count to slice his legs off. Luke decries Dracula as a monster for but a few seconds before being devoured.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Although not featured physically, Luke's archive footage is used for the cruel death scenes of various villains, including Pretorius, Cortez, Tyler, and Tzekel Kan.

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