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Ludo is a major antagonist in the Disney television series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. An alien king and the commander of a vast army, seeking after powerful wands on purpose to rule the galaxy, Ludo has a strike resemblance with Kappa, a demon from Japanese mythology. He appears in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains War as one of Mozenrath's newest recruits.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Huntsman

Meanwhile, the Septarian mastermind, Toffee, heard that the leader of the magical-creature hunting Huntsclan, the Huntsman, was planning on making him his next target. Resolving to strike first, Toffee met with his ally, Ludo, and tasked him with eliminating the Huntsman before he could come after him. Ludo agreed, and took his monster army in pursuit of their enemy. However, they were spotted by the Huntsman and his apprentice, the Huntsgirl. Ludo ordered his monsters to attack, but they proved to be no match for the combined skills of the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl, and were quickly defeated, forcing Ludo to retreat.

Vs Duke Ightorn

The rogue warlord Duke Igthorn had succeeded in assembling an army of Ogres, and set out to win the war by conquering kingdoms and territories throughout the land. This grab for power did not go unnoticed by Toffee, who feared that the duke could prove to be an annoyance and sought to get rid of him before he could become a threat. Ludo, eager to prove himself after his previous defeat, volunteered to deal with him. Seeing that he wouldn't lose much whether or not Ludo failed, Toffee agreed, as Ludo gathered his minions and set out to bring down the rogue duke. Confronting Igthorn as he was in the midst of scoping out his next potential conquest, Ludo challenged the duke to a battle. Calling forth his Ogres, Igthorn sicced them on the monsters, while Ludo's army charged into battle against them. Despite Ludo's monsters being able to take down a few of them with ease, the Ogres had an advantage in their superior strength and knowledge of the terrain. Uprooting a few trees, the Ogres vaulted them at the monsters, incapacitating several of them. As Igthorn's army began to take the advantage, Ludo desperately attempted to rally his troops. However, it was too late, as Igthorn chose that moment to reveal his secret weapon: a magic potion that would grant it's user superhuman strength. Drinking the potion, Igthorn personally entered the battle and, with a single powerful punch, toppled Ludo's entire army, leaving the monsters unconscious and defeated. Seeing that Ludo and his monsters were no threat to him, Igthorn departed to his next conquest, leaving Ludo to fume with anger.

Vs Crocker

Tired of Ludo’s incompetence, Toffee decides to give him one last chance to redeem himself for his previous failures. He sends him to eliminate a mad school teacher named Denzel Crocker, who has recently acquired a fairy godparent.Ludo almost beat Crocker, but Crocker was more powerfull.

As punishment for his failure, Toffee expels Ludo from his alliance, taking his castle and his monsters in the process.

Ludo possessed by Toffee.jpeg

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Vs Nuka

Toffee sends Ludo to the Pride lands into hunting Scar. Ludo and his army arrive Pride Rock and go there for killing Scar. Nuka wants to prove himself, so he leads an army of hyenas to Ludo. Both armies fight and the Hyenas begin to eat Ludo's army. Sad, Ludo announce them to retreat.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Nuka

Toffee send Ludo into a new mission:conquering Pride Lands. Ludo and his men confront the king, but his son decide to step in and prove himself to his father and his mother.


Toffee decide to add a witch in his faction called Mirage,much to Ludo's happiness.

Vs Shere Khan and Sabor

Toffee decide to deal with some of Scar's forces, so Toffee decide to send Ludo with Duke Igthorn to kill two of his allies. They found Shere Khan and Sabor searching for Vitani. What the felines didn't know is that Igthorn's army is far more powerful than them.

Vs Thanos

Having enough of Ludo, Toffee send Ludo to deal with The Mad Titan himself. Ludo and his army tried to attack Thanos, but he already got the stones to deal with Ludo's army. Will Ludo and his army be able to prove themselves?


Toffee finally expelled Ludo from his faction, by taking his castle and his army right in front of him.

Villains Battles 2

Villains Battles 3

Hiring Toffee

After months of searching a new ally, Ludo finally found someone who could be worthy of helping him in taking his revenge on Discord, (unaware that Discord has been defeated). Ludo prepares to enter the warfare once again...