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Lucifer is the main antagonist in the fourth Saint Seiya movie, Saint Seiya: The Warriors of the Final Holy Battle. Lucifer is arrogant, sadistic, vengeful, power-hungry, as well as ruthless. He is considered to be the most perfect creature of his Creator and craves to unseat Him. Although he has been precipitated in the furthermost place away from Him, he has never given up his ambition.

He finds pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering to other beings and, reflecting its ambition, he demands absolute submission from both his allies and his enemies. He shows a high degree of hatred towards Athena, because he considers her as the main responsible for his sentence to life without sunlight. He revels in slowly torturing rather than immediately killing enemies, as it's shown in his request from her to sacrifice her life in exchange for the salvation of the world. He first appeared in Disney vs Anime Villains as one of the major players. 

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