Lucifer Constantine
Lucifer is the primary antagonist of the 2005 supernatural thriller, Constantine. Not to be confused with the Lucifer of the series, Supernatural, Lucifer is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Long loathing the demon, Crowley, for escaping Hell and impersonating him, Lucifer decides to come up and personally drag the demon back to hell. He finds the demon in cahoots with Jim Moriarty; Crowley responds to Lucifer's presence with his characteristic sarcasm. Lucifer does not take kindly to this and burns him to a crisp. Jim Moriarty then taunts Lucifer for not being able to send him back to Hell and for lacking power. Lucifer approaches him, only to be held in place; as it turns out, the Crowley Lucifer killed was actually Brady. By killing Brady, whom Lucifer did not have the power to sacrifice, Lucifer is held in place, unable to take any more souls. Lucifer swears revenge, while Moriarty and the real Crowley make their escape.

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