Lord Flint Vorselon was a powerful Terraklon assassin and mercenary. After a battle on planet Zaurik, he lost his organic body and was forced to adopt a new cyborg body. Vorselon went on to become a feared tyrant in the Breegus System of the Polaris Galaxy, selling his services to the highest bidder and traveling in his personal warship. At some point, Dr. Nefarious recruited him to be field enforcer of his army, promising to restore his original body with the power of the Great Clock, and the warlord became fanatically loyal to the mad scientist.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

He appeared in Worst Villain Tournament Ever as Dr. Nefarious's minion, he intruded into Siperian forest for some reason, but Gauron destroyed him. Later, Nefarious thought his real killer was Painis Cupcake, because he also destroyed Thugs-4-Less Leader.

Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever

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