Lord Dregg

Lord Dregg is a minor antagonist in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. He is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Sending a Message

Sent by an unknown master for the time being, Lord Dregg meets with the Triceratons' Prime Leader, Zanramon, in a offer to weaken the Saurians empire, in exchange of meeting his master. The Triceratons succeed in their mission, as they destroy the Saurians' hideout.

Revealing a Master

Keeping his word, Dregg shows to the Zanramon, and the rest of the Triceraton army, his master, as he is no one else than NOS-4-A2, a vampire in the assistance of Emperor Zurg, turned later a secret betrayal of his faction. The energy vampire then exclaims that he gets tired of serving Zurg's rule, as a henchman, and decides to take over the universe in his own hands. Although, at first, the Triceratons are not sure about joining NOS-4-A2 at the first place, Dregg announches that the energy vampire has an evil plan in store, that it would lead the vampire and his forces to victory, leaving the others assured of joining the vampire's faction.

The Space Conference

Later, Dregg attends the Space Conference in the later events of the war, as a member of the galactic council, in which all of the council members would propose ideologies and states, about their own world belief, during this scale of war. However, the meeting ends, as the conference has no other issues to continue with.

Non Disney Villains Tournament


Lord Dregg first emerges in the war in the aftermath of a battle between Vilgax and Krang. Vilgax has the upper hand, but Dregg manages to cool him down so that he does not kill his foe. It is soon revealed that he is the boss of Korso and Preed, two bounty hunters who feuded with the agents of Mok Swagger. Dregg gains a new ally in Zygon, a robot who has deduced many of Mok's plans.

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