Lord Barkis Bittern is a nobleman and "Bluebeard" serial killer who marries wealthy women and then murders them to get their riches. First appearing in the Tim Burton stop-motion animated film The Corpse Bride, he played a minor role in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Vs Oogie Boogie

The nobleman meets with Oogie Boogie, previously defeated by the Other Mother. Learning that the old gambler will help him, aquiring a vast fortune, Lord Barkiss pledges for allegiance with him. Oogie Boogie however was not interest in the nobleman's plans and instead he gave him a lesson about not messing with Mr. Oogie Boogie. The gamber activates several terrifying machines of his own, frightening Barkiss off. In a final moment, Lord Barkiss attempts to run, only for Oogie's animatronics to catch and kill him offscreen.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

"Till Death Apart Us"

Prior to the events of the war, Barkiss meets his next fiance in the form of Other Mother, however he was suspicious about her appearance: buttons have replaced her eyes. Wanting to impress the nobleman, the Beldam offers her wedding offer, a box of sewing buttons. She explained that if he wants to stay with her, he must sew buttons in his eyes. Barkiss of course refuses. Angered then, the Other Mother reveals her true form and attempt to take her ex-fiance's life. But Barkiss isn't going down without a fight and he grabs a sword to fight her. He manages to slice her hand, only to his shock that the hand was moving and also scratched his skin. Furious, Barkiss throws a rock to the moving hand, destroying it. However, Lord Barkiss had to deal with his previous lover, as she called the Other Mr. Bobinsky to end his life once and for all. Barkiss had enough time to scream before he was killed by the Other Mother and her henchman.

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