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Long Feng is a major antagonist in Avatar - The Last Airbender Book 2: Earth.

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Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

In Yellow Diamond's faction

However, Yellow Diamond start a meeting in Ba Sing Se. The leader and a famous alien named Vilgax joined her cause to stop Zurg.

Villains War: The Age of Animation

There is no War

Born in Ba Sing Se, Wèijūnzǐ Feng has been involved in conflict ever since he was a child. His parents have constantly argued on several things, varying between which martial art was the best, to getting a divorce and who keeps the kid. In the outside world, so many have argued who should and shouldn't have power in the Kingdom.

This constant arguing lead to Feng always wanting to keep things peaceful among the Kingdom, and as such took up a role in politics, always giving both sides what they want without the need for arguing.

When he was 29, the recent Earth King had died through an assassination, and Feng was one of the three candidates for the next election. He won the pole, 75 to 15 and 10, and promised peace among all members of his kingdom.

Immediate Action

Alongside Fire Lord Ozai, Feng arrives to the Air Nomad Castle, to make negotiations with The Storm King, only to find the flaming remnants of the region. With the Fire Nation Army right next to them, Feng announces to his troops that they were responsible for this crime, and that should they not be stopped, all that will remain of his kingdom will be ashes.