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Lonesome Trapped Souls Dante Inferno anime.png

The Lonesome Trapped Souls are minor nuisances in the video game, and the resulted anime film adaptation, Dante's Inferno. A group of condemned and damned souls, who are tortured by Lucifer, and by extension to his subordinates, the souls serve as a means of currency to the hero's quest for making out of the hellish landscape, ruled by the demon. The souls are also featured in the final events of the second Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two

The souls are seen in the final events, tortured by Chernabog's subordinate, the tournament's version of Lucifer, King Minos, while Frollo, a new welcomer, looks on. When he confronts the judge of the dead, Frollo uses his chance of sneaking off, by killing the demon. He later encounters Charon, again one of Chernabog's subordinates, on the shores of the Acheron, who delivers a group of damned souls, on his back, for his master. However, Frollo easily wipes out Charon and his minions, leaving the souls to be trapped in the fiery pits of Hell, before making his way out of the hellish landscape.