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The Londoners are the citizens of London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom. They originally appear from the Hellsing manga and its subsequent appearance, Hellsing: Ultimate. Their role in the movie did not include them a happy ending, as they were targetted by other powerful villains who could kill them with ease like the Major and the Letzte Batallion. The Londoners briefly appear in most of tournaments, though in all of them they share the same fate.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

During the Battle at London, the Londoners remain unharmed and aloof of the situation until the Millennium's arrival to the capital. Everyone looks in horror, as the Major lets on the loose several missiles, destroying the Big-Ben Tower, and much more of London's view. In the ensuing bombing, many people are burned alive.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

The Millennium's Massacre

While living a normal life, the Londoners get a reception from the Millennium's zeppelin, who arrives in London, for the perfect opportunity to test their terrorism. To their shock, the Major destroys most of London's view, including the Big-Ben clock-tower, and also incinerates most of London's population. The gruesome and despicable action comes to pass, when the Major, backed up by Cobra Commander, sets on the loose the Letzte Batallion. The Nazi manufacture vampire soldiers slaughter, kill and devour many innocent people.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Hell in London

The Londoners make an appearance in the war, near the end of the series. They are mainly featured in the most gruesome scene of the tournament, as the villains begin to destroy many heroes. When the Horned King makes his way to London, he uses the Black Cauldron to summon several demonic identities. The Londoners look in horror, as several people are slaughtered by the Headless Horseman. The Londoners run for their lives, with the Red Bull driving them to a specific location. As it turns out, the Londoners come face to face with the Cauldron Born, the Horned King's undead army, who proceed to kill many innocent people, while the remain survivors attempt to flee. Unfortunately, most of them meet the same demise. The fallen corpses drive the remain heroes to distress, until the Spring Sprite and Moses find a way to rebuilt hope.

Hell on Bald Mountain

The Londoners also make a brief appearance in the finale of the war, as amongst the innocent people who were slaughtered by Chernabog's minions, before they were banished back into their infernal realm.