Loki Disney

Loki is a minor antagonist in the Hercules television series and a minor player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Who's Side Are You On?

Loki, along with Chaos and Nemesis, joins Hades's faction devoted to destroying Eris. However, Loki is actually working for Mok Swagger, acting as a spy within the group.

Switching Loyalties

He only reveals his treachery at the last second, beguiling Dr. Facilier into a false sense of security before backstabbing him, and letting Mok into the underworld. Mok then lays waste to the underworld and utterly defeats Facilier and his minions as Loki looks on.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

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