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Loki is the primary antagonist of the Thor comic book franchise, first appearing in Journey Into Mystery #85 and is one of the headlining villains of Marvel comics. A consummate trickster and evil genius, Loki is an immortal god whose brain makes up for his lack of brute strength. Loki is the mastermind behind the events of the Disney vs Marvel Villains War and a major player in it. The live-action version of the character from the MCU films will appear as one of the central antagonists in Disney vs. Comics.

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Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Setting Up Hades

Loki is the mastermind behind the events of the war between the villains (however, as revealed in the part 2 prologue, he shares this role with the Archmage). His plan is detailed and well planned, and it very nearly succeeds in granting Loki power over all of the Nine Realms. He fires the first shot in order to start the war, which would, in turn, weaken the armies of earth and cause the Eye of Odin to come out of hiding. With tensions already existing between the villains, all that Loki has to do to set off the war was to attack Hades. Loki attacked the Underworld with hisFrost Giants and does battle with Hades, throwing the fight so that he can plan in the shadows with everyone believing him to be defeated. Hades banishes Loki to the pits of the River Styx, but Loki is later released by his loyal henchwoman, the Enchantress, just as he planned. Following that fight, several others begin to break out as well. The war has begun.

Involving Maleficent

While observing the early war from afar, Maleficent appears on Loki's radar as a powerful enemy. He fears that she might prove to be his competition for claiming the earth in the wake of the destruction. To test this theory, he sends the Enchantress to fight Maleficent to gauge her power. When Enchantress returns to Asgard a failure, Loki realizes the threat that Maleficent poses to his operations. He then gives the Enchantress a new assignment: create a team of Earth's deadliest villains to strike against Maleficent.

The Eye of Odin

As Enchantress recruits allies, Loki keeps a watchful eye on the tides of the war, particularly Maleficent's ever growing faction. When the Archmage enters the fray, Loki quickly makes it his business to claim the Eye of Odin from him. Loki defeats the Archmage and plucks the Eye of Odin from his brow. Wearing the talisman, Loki awakens the full power within him, making him stronger than Odin himself. Loki uses this power to recruit an army and conquer all of the Nine Realms aside from Earth, timing his attacks during the Odinsleep. Loki personally goes head to head with Thor, handing him a humiliating defeat. He then uses his magic to keep Odin from waking up.

Preparing to Strike

With eight of the Nine Realms conquered, Loki sends Malekith to Midgard to obtain the Casket of Ancient Winters, a powerful artifact capable of freezing gods. Malekith not only succeeds in obtaining the Casket, but also subdues two of Maleficent's faction members. Everything is looking extremely positive for Loki, until the Enchantress returns with news that she and The Masters of Evil have failed. Loki very nearly kills the Enchantress, but he realizes that he will need her power for the invasion of Midgard, so he graciously allows her to live. Once Frollo's siege of HYDRA draws to a close and Dr. Doom forges an alliance with Loki, Loki decides that it was time to prepare his armies for the invasion of Midgard.

Army Destroyed

However, Loki does not take into account the rise of Queen Grimhilde, as the god considers her magic second-rate. However, Grimhilde launches a surprise attack on Asgard, striking down most of Loki's army. Loki manages to kill the Queen, but his army is army weak to move on at this point. On top of this, Hades steals the Casket of Ancient Winters from Malekith and used it to conquer Olympus. It seems that all of Loki's plans are ruined until Doctor Doom arrives and introduces Baron Mordo and Ultron to the faction. Loki decides that with the two additions, his worcesould be just strong enough to overcome Maleficent and take command of her forces, which he could then use to replace his destroyed army.

Siege on the Forbidden Mountains

Loki leads Enchantress, Executioner, Dr. Doom, Mordo, and Ultron into battle against Maleficent for control of Midgard. Maleficent sees them coming and orders her goons to attack. However, the goons are no match for Ultron and are quickly dispatched. Enchantress, Executioner, and Mordo all dive into battle while Loki and Doom hang back and observe. Loki, upon seeing that most of allies have already fallen, engages an rematch with Hades. Loki throws Hades into the moat, but Hades manages to swim out and return to the fight. Pain and Panic finally make their way back to the battlefield, but Loki tosses them aside. Hades and Loki both fire blasts of energy at one another, but the two blasts collide and explode, resulting in Hades and Loki both losing their stolen powers and returning to normal. Hades decides that the time has come to end this, and uses his powers of necromancy to have various undead soldiers drag Loki down into the Underworld, never to be seen again....

Loki in the Live Action Universe

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

A New Master

After his defeat in the previous war, Loki remains trapped in the Underworld. However, he is freed when the Mad Titan Thanos arrives in the Underworld and releases him, recruiting him as his new acolyte. As his first mission, Thanos tasks him with retrieving a cosmic cube known as the Tesseract, which is lost in another dimension. Loki accepts these terms (at least for now), and is transported into the Live-Action realm.

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Happy and Unhappy Reunions

Upon his arrival, Loki comes across his old ally Dr. Doom, who has also found his way into the Live-Action realm. As the two catch up, Loki explains the task he has been given. Since Doom has knowledge of the Tesseract (having come into contact with it during his clash with Frollo and Red Skull), Loki asks for his help in finding it. To his delight, Doom agrees, as the two renew their old alliance.

Unfortunately, another of Loki's old acquaintances has also arrived in the Live-Action realm: Queen Grimhilde, who is now going by Regina. Wanting revenge for her death at Loki's hands, Regina sends her agent, Koragg, after him. Finding himself confronted by Koragg and his troops on the edge of the Dark Forest, Loki fires off several beams from his staff, scattering Koragg's forces as they try to return fire. However, Koragg dodges the attacks and knocked Loki back with a blast of energy from his shield. Loki retaliates with another blast from his staff, this one hitting home. Injured and outmatched, Koragg retreats, leaving Loki triumphant.

Dimensional Travelers

As their first move, Loki and Doom work together to secure control of the Bifrost, allowing them to travel between realms at will. Wanting to deal with some of their old enemies in the Animated realm (namely Hades), the two travel there, with Loki wielding the Destroyer armor. Loki and Doom then launch an attack on Hades' fortress, confronting the god and his new ally, Demona. Attacking first, Loki coats Hades with lava, only to be knocked back by a blast from Demona. While Doom squared off with Hades, Loki duels with Demona. The gargoyle manages to get the upper hand, ripping a cable out of the ground and electrocuting Loki, shocking him to the ground. Despite this, however, Doom is able to overwhelm Hades and knock him into a chasm, where the god falls to his death. Satisfied, Loki and Doom leave Demona behind and depart.

With Hades out of the way, Loki and Doom decide to divide and conquer, with Loki returning to the Live-Action realm, and Doom traveling to the CGI realm, to further their goals there.

Attacking From Within

Wanting to find the Tesseract as well as deal with the threat of Regina, Loki puts a plan into motion that will allow him to do both. As the first step, Loki decides to personally attack Regina's castle. As he enters the castle, he is headed off by Regina's allies, the Sanderson Sisters and the Huntsman, but easily disposes of them. As he moves further into the castle, he is confronted by Regina herself, and engages in a rematch with the queen. Despite wielding the power of Odin, Loki finds himself overwhelmed by Regina's magic, and is forced to surrender. By Regina's order, Loki is locked up in her dungeon, with the pirate Barbossa overseeing his imprisonment. Little do they know that this is all part of the trickster's plan, with Loki paying special attention to the pirate, knowing that he will be a useful pawn in his plan.

As Loki had hoped, Barbossa confronts Loki in his cell, hoping to determine his intentions. Loki takes the opportunity to reveal that he holds a certain gold medallion, which Barbossa needs to lift his curse. Loki offers it to Barbossa, on the condition that he first brings him the Tesseract. Barbossa agrees, and sets out to find the cube. Barbossa succeeds in this task, and returns to the castle with the Tesseract in hand. As agreed, the pirate frees Loki from his cell, and gives Loki the Tesseract in exchange for the medallion. His plan successful, Loki escapes from the castle with his prize.

The Plan Comes Together

With the Tesseract in his possession, Loki prepares to put Thanos's plan into motion and put an end to Regina once and for all. To this end, Loki gathers together Regina's various enemies, including the ghost Ramsley, the Frost Giant king Laufey, the assassin Bullseye, and the demon prince Blackheart, to form a faction to rival the queen's generals.

Needing a centralized building from which to activate the Tesseract device, Loki takes Blackheart with him to negotiate with Zuse, owner of the End Of Line Club. However, it turns out that Zuse's loyalties lie with Regina, and that he has sold out Loki's location to the queen's Huntsman. The Huntsman shoots Blackheart in the face with an arrow, but Loki quickly pins him to the wall with his magic. Zuse fires off blasts from his cane, knocking Loki down. However, that Loki turns out to be an illusion as the real Loki appears next to Zuse and disintegrates him with a tap from his staff. Meanwhile, Blackheart finishes off the Huntsman by ripping out his heart and crushed it into dust, killing him, and leaving Loki in control of the End Of Line Club.

As Loki's faction prepares for the endgame, Dr. Doom returns from the CGI realm and reunites with Loki. However, Doom takes an immediate dislike to Blackheart, particularly the demon's closeness to Loki. However, this matters little, as Loki activates the Tesseract device, opening a portal into the Animated realm, and allowing Thanos's alien army, the Chitauri, to enter the Live-Action realm.

The Battle Of New York

As the people of New York look on, the Chitauri arrive and begin to cause massive amounts of damage, all the while Loki stands triumphant. However, his victory is short-lived, as Regina and her forces arrive to stop the invasion. As Regina's army of monsters clashes with the Chitauri, Loki's generals leap into action against Regina's forces. During the battle, Loki finds himself attacked by Koragg once again, but manages to repel the knight and escape on a hovercraft. As their generals clash, and Regina's allies lay waste to the Chitauri, Loki and Doom decide to retreat to a safe distance.

However, the pair quickly find that Regina has followed them, eager to settle the score. Doom manages to come to Loki's defense, freezing Regina with magic. Unfortunately, Regina's allies, the Sanderson Sisters and Necrolai, quickly catch up with them as well. Necrolai fires an arrow at Loki, which the trickster catches with ease, only for Winnie Sanderson to make it explode with her magic, knocking Loki to the ground. As Doom fights off the Sandersons, Loki finds himself confronted by Regina once more, who knocks him into a wall with a blast of magic. The god then rises to his feet and angrily rants about his superiority as a god, only for Regina to interrupt him with a fireball to the face. Regina then leaves Loki to be finished off by her allies while she goes to deal with Doom. As Loki struggles to recover from his injuries, he is attacked by Winnie Sanderson once again, who tries to suck out his life-force. Fortunately for him, Doom then intervenes and obliterates the witch. With the rest of her forces destroyed, Loki turns to Regina, and uses a spell to strip her of her magic, which she finds out when she fails to conjure up a fireball. Realizing her predicament, Regina retreats. However, despite their victory over Regina, the battle has left the Chitauri army utterly destroyed.

A Change In Plans

With the battle over, Loki and Doom discuss the outcome. When Doom questions his decision to let Regina escape with her life, Loki explains that by stripping her of her magic, he has left her powerless in a world where she had made countless enemies, thus condemning her to a fate worse than death. Doom comments that Thanos is not likely to be happy with the outcome of the battle, causing Loki to exclaim that he is done playing puppet for Thanos. When Doom asks what Loki is planning, the god explains that the Bifrost, if left open for too long, has the ability to rip worlds apart by the very seams that hold them together. Loki explains his intent to use the Bifrost to destroy the Animated realm, wiping out all their enemies, including Thanos, in one fell swoop. Hearing this, Doom comments that the Bifrost will need a great deal fo power for this plan; power that can be provided by the Philosopher's Stone. Intrigued, Loki asks where the stone can be found, upon which Doom reveals that it is in the hands of Mozenrath and the Sorcerer's Society.

With a new goal in mind, Loki and Doom return to the Animated realm, where they forge an alliance with Mozenrath's longtime rival, Baron Zemo, who reveals that he has a spy within the Sorcerer's Society. The spy, Queen La, reveals that Mozenrath's forces will soon be divided. With this information, Loki, Doom, and Zemo prepare for an attack on Mozenrath.

Battle For The Philosopher's Stone

With news that the Sorcerer's Society is putting their master plan into motion, Loki sends his army of Frost Giants, as well as Zemo's Masters Of Evil, to attack the Society's stronghold in New Salem, while he, Doom, and Zemo personally attack Mozenrath's base in the Black Sands with the Destroyer and a small squadron of Frost Giants, hoping to obtain the Philosopher's Stone. The trio invades Mozenrath's citadel, just as the sorcerer is nearly finished brewing the Stone with the help of Khartoum. Loki directs the battle, while Doom and Zemo deal with Mozenrath's allies. However, the Society manages to fight back long enough for Mozenrath to finish brewing the Stone, only for Khartoum to steal it just as it is completed. Loki watches as Khartoum reveals his betrayal of Mozenrath, and uses the Stone to grow to full power. Although Mozenrath and his remaining allies flee, Loki and Doom refuse to give up the stone so easily. Khartoum blasts down the Frost Giants and knocks Loki back with a magical attack, forcing Doom to step in. Doom trades blasts of magic with Khartoum, stunning him long enough to knock the Philosopher's Stone from his head, claiming it for himself. Khartoum withers back into the form of book, leaving Loki and Doom in possession of the Philospher's Stone.

The End Of The World As We Know It

With the Philosopher's Stone powering it, Loki and Doom open the Bifrost over the Animated realm, causing the entire dimension to begin to be torn apart. However, before they can succeed in completely destroying it, Loki and Doom are confronted by two old enemies: Maleficent and Hades, both having returned from the dead. With the pair determined to stop their plans, the rematch of the century begins, with the fate of the Animated world riding on it's outcome. Loki attacks first by blasting Hades back, only for him to transform into a fiery demon. While Hades fights with Doom, Loki drops a chandelier onto Maleficent, restraining her before knocking her against a wall with telekinesis. However, Hades comes to Maleficent's defense, blindsiding Loki with a fireball and nearly knocking him off the Bifrost. Hanging on for dear life, Loki can only watch as Maleficent transforms into her dragon form, badly wounding Doom with her fire breath. Loki watches in desperation as Hades shatters the rainbow bridge with a fireball, destroying the Bifrost and obliterating Doom. With Loki's plan stopped, Maleficent and Hades depart, while Loki mourns the loss of Doom, whose mask is all that remains of him.

New Beginnings

However, all is not lost for Loki, as he discovers that Maleficent has left her staff behind in the Live-Action realm. Out of curiosity, Loki shatters the staff, freeing a figure who had been trapped there since the last war. The man introduces himself as Captain Hook, as he and Loki decide to team up for now.

While preparing to sail elsewhere, Loki and Hook begin to grow closer, sharing their life stories and bonding over both having been abandoned by their father. Loki in particular appreciates having someone he can talk to about these things; something he never had with Doom. Having found a new purpose in each other, Loki and Hook share a kiss as they sail off into the sunset.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Three

Movies Villains War

Vs Quirell

The Asgardian god of mischief, Loki, approached the wizard Quirrel in hopes of forming an alliance with his master. Quirrell then revealed his master, Lord Voldemort, who only saw Loki as a potential minion rather than an equal, much to Loki's displeasure. The trickster refused to bow to the Dark Lord, enraging Voldemort, who ordered Quirrell to attack. Quirrell tried to subdue Loki by grabbing him by the arm, only for Loki's frost giant magic to begin disintegrating Quirrell's hand. As Quirrell backed off, Loki found himself trapped on the edge of a cliff. In a final attempt to kill his foe, Quirrell flew at Loki. However, the 'Loki' he was attacking turned out to be a mere illusion created by the real Loki. Quirrell passed through the illusion and fell over the edge, meeting his end at the bottom of the cliff, as Loki destroyed the illusion and departed.

Making his faction

On Asgard, Loki and his allies (Megatron, T-X, and the Martians) were approached by Loki's old friend, Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg, who proposed that they join forces, promising to supply them with new killer monsters for their army, beginning with the Arachnids. In addition, Zorg also brought with him another of their old friends, the malevolent computer program known as CLU. Loki eagerly accepted these new allies into his faction, and prepared to move forward with his plans.

Vs Memnon

While they are alone, Loki and Zorg decides to talk like they did before: of what happened during all these years. And then a fearless assassin called Hawkeye, decide to kill both of them after introducing into their lair. He hurts Zorg without killing him, but Loki profits of the occasion to bewitch Hawkeye, now having a new right arm, so he decides to try his abilities. And learning that an Arabic lord called Memnon is allying to the "God Xerxes" he thinks the opportunity is too big to not enjoying it. The night, Memnon organizes a big blanket to celebrate his union with Xerxes' empire, but Loki come with his troupes to ruin the party.

Testing Quatrich's soldiers

From his lair, Loki teleports his mind into one of Quartich's soldier, in order to see how effective Zorg's Arachnids are against the army of Marines. When the Marines land on a planet under Loki's control, the Arachnids first try to charge the troops, but the aerial reinforcements kill a lot of them. But then then the flying insects arrive...

Talking with Zorg

Loki comes to Zorg to tell him how impressed he is with the Arachnids’ abilities. The businessman shows his old friend an even better weapon, his latest creation: the T-1000 cyborg. They then discuss Loki’s forbidden artifact: the Mask, and who has found it.

Loki transformated in his father Odin

Disney Vs Comics War

Loki will appear in Disney vs. Comics, where he and Hades join forces to conquer the mortal realm, though they are opposed by Thor, Hercules, and an army of heroes.

Non-Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Sending Enchantress

Loki sends the Enchantress and Executioner to deal with two potential threats.

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DC Vs Marvel Villains War

Live Action Villains Tournament (GaVillain)

Vs Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dracula and Loki both have a common interest: conquest of earth. However, neither is too keen on the other. Seeking to eliminate the competition, Dracula tells Dr. Jekell's monstrous alter ego, Mr. Hyde, the location of the trickster god. Hyde catches up with Loki in Notre Dame where the two battle to the death.

Teaming with Regina

Loki, realizing that Hyde wasn't working alone, approaches Regina to forge an alliance, which she accepts.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Talking with Dormanuu

Dormammu contacts Mordo and Loki and orders them to find a way to free him and kill anyone who tries to stop them.

All Star Villains War

All-Star Villains Tournament

Villains War (Kennithball97)

Vs Hera

Apparently Hera and Hermes on Abel's orders went to Asgard in Norway to look for other gods to strengthen the forces of Olympus, Odin receives them but Loki had arrived saying that things were better without Zeus this made Hera angry as Odin, even though The goddess was more angry making Hera unleash all her anger on the god of lies, knocking him down while Hermes watches while Odin decides to abandon Loki, letting Hera punish him by forcing Loki himself to flee but what would make him pay, after that Odin along with his other sons Thor and Baldur would be welcomed to Olympus.