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Lloyd is a scientist working for BAHRAM, and a boss character from Zone of the Enders franchise. He is like a father figure to the protagonist Dingo Egret, and challenges him to a duel to see his worth. Lloyd appears in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever, where he is a more evil character than in his source material.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Rescuing the Conqueror

Lloyd appears alongside Zeelich Aliens to fetch General Skun-Ka'pe, who has survived from the explosion caused by Evangelion Unit-01.

Taking the Spaceship Cosmo

Lloyd leads the attack to Dannar Base's important secondary base, Spaceship Cosmo, which could detect BAHRAM's attacks easily. Commander Roux has fought off against the Zeelich Smog Monsters, when he encounters Lloyd. Lloyd quickly kills him in a massive explosion.

The Daughter's Revenge

Lloyd reveals himself as the one who separated Cosmo Base's engine portion from the station, and sent it flinging towards Earth. He surprise attacks Commander Roux's daughter Lou Roux and Goh Saruwatari in their own miniature Cosmo Driver. Lloyd tells them that Cosmo Base has become a new home for him, and he can only be removed by force, to which Lou replies she will kill Lloyd and make him burn in Hell. Lloyd launches a massive attack similar to the one he used to kill Commander Roux, but the Driver successfully avoids it. As Cosmo Base starts breaking apart from the inside thanks to the attack, Lloyd is eventually hit by one of the explosions, malfunctioning Inhert, his Orbital Frame. After destruction of Cosmo Base, Lloyd flings towards the Earth and catches fire. As Goh and Lou approach him, Lloyd warns them about Nohman, who is power-obsessed and willing to do anything to get what he wants. Inhert ends up exploding at the same time as Cosmo Driver is shooting him, resulting in a huge explosion which destroys Lloyd and Inhert.