Living Ice Mountains

The Frozen Living Mountains are some of the secondary villains, appearing in the Croatian animated movie, "The Magician Hat". Thse mountains serve the Ice Emperor, Mrazomor, and have the ability to freeze anyone that it could br a threat. Interesting enough the mountains appearances, characteristics and personalities look similiar to the Ice Mountains, that were controled by Nekron, in the Ralph Bakshi's animated film, "Fire and Ice". The Mountains appear briefly in the final events of the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

A Frozen Call

After Prince Zuko, in the form of the Blue Spirit, attempts to charge at the Ice Emperor, Mrazomor uses his device to control the Living Ice Mountains, to glaciate the warrior, although it was futile due to Zuko's skillful abilities of dodging the attacks of the Emperor, leaving the coast clear for Zuko to finish Mrazomor's life. It is unknown what happened to the Mountains after the fight, since their leader was killed. It may be assumed that they melted after the Fire Nation's forces burn Nekron's palace, after all of the Ice Nation's members are taken out.

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