Little Evil

Little Evil is the son of the Evil Manta. A sweet and clever child, who never disapoints his father. Little Evil is a minor character in the television series "The Little Mermaid". Little Evil makes his first appearance during the events of the third war of Disney Vs Non Disney Villains.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

"Goodbye Dad"

After the Evil Manta fails to bring a bloody sacriface to his master, Mok Swagger, the rockstar threatens the evil ray manta that he wants a sacriface at the moment and that it would be either the Evil Manta or his son. Evil Manta, with a heavy heart said his last goodbye to his child. The Little Evil then looks in horror at his father death, just as Mok summons Aku from the Underworld. It is unknown if the Little Evil will avenge his father's death.

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