Limbo Anastasia
Limbo is an afterlife plane of existence, originally mentioned in Roman Catholic doctrines and scriptural ideas, during the Medieval era. Derived from the latin world "limbus" (meaning edge of the world), Limbo is one of the distinct parts of the Underworld, where the people, who died in their former life, are sent to spent eternity, without being assigned to Hell. That said idea has inspired multiple fiction works, and has been adapted into novel, film and video game adaptations. Particularly, the Don Bluth's animated film, Anastasia, depicts Rasputin spending eternity on Limbo, after his death at St. Petersburg, before he would ascend to the surface, to complete the Romanov curse, by killing Anastasia.

Regarding the villain tournaments, Limbo appears as one of the afterlife planes of existence, including Hell, the Spirit Realm, and the Netherworld, with the Don Bluth's film, being used to represent it's existence.

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