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Lilo Pelekai is a young girl from Hawaii and a close friend of the alien experiment Stitch. Raised by her sister after their parents died, her quirky nature made for few friends until Stitch came into her life. She accompanies Stitch in the battle with the villain forces in Disney Heroes vs. Villains.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Disney Heores Vs Villains War

Meeting Basil

As the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice arrived in Hawaii, they were met by the young Lilo Pelekai, who explained that her dog Stitch had been kidnapped and taken into the sewers. Suspecting Ratigan was the culprit, Basil began trying to track Stitch down.


Basil and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice investigated the sewers beneath Hawaii while searching for the missing Stitch. Lilo had followed the mice and noticed a large crib in the sewers where she thought she saw Stitch being restrained. However, as she looked closer, she found it was actually Fidget, who had somehow survived being thrown off Ratigan's zeppelin in London. Ratigan himself suddenly appeared, subduing the League and capturing all of them.


Back in Hawaii, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice regained consciousness to find themselves prisoners of Ratigan, who had organized Stitch's kidnapping as a trap to draw the League to him. He also revealed that Stitch was not a dog at all but an alien lifeform, saying that someone had asked him to capture Lilo in exchange for an unspecified favor. While Ratigan threatened Lilo, Basil took advantage of his distraction to shoot the restraints holding Stitch, allowing the alien to attack Ratigan. Stitch threw a vase at Ratigan, but he ducked under the projectile and smacked Stitch away. Ratigan then threatened to kill Lilo if anyone attacked him again, but Bianca called him a rat, angering him and distracting him long enough for Stitch to throw another projectile at the criminal, allowing Lilo to escape.

Vs Zurg and Warp Darkmatter

Back in Hawaii, Lilo and Stitch were just getting back to their lives when Zurg's army arrived on Earth, attacking the city. Warp Darkmatter, the vanguard of the invasion force, attacked Lilo, destroying her house with his blaster. Seeing the threat to Lilo, Stitch came to defend her, but Zurg arrived at that moment and blasted him away with his eye-beams. As Stitch recovered, Warp fired on him with his arm-blaster, but Stitch caught the energy and threw it back at the dark Space Ranger, knocking him out. Zurg ordered his Hornet robots to attack, but Stitch caught their energy beams as well, further pummelling the helpless Warp. Fed up with the stalemate, Zurg brought out a net gun and snared Lilo and Stitch with it, to Warp's relief.


On Zurg's flagship, Lilo and Stitch waited for their fate when unlikely rescue came in the person of John Silver, who decided to release them from their cells. As they made their escape, Silver mused that the others would say he had "gone soft" if they found out, unaware that one of his crewmen, the sadistic Scroop, was watching.

Try to free the kids

In Paris, Lilo and Stitch stumbled across the Coachman's circus, where they discovered the children being held captive and awaiting their terrible fate. Lilo and Stitch were forced to flee when Sarousch entered the room, though they swore to return to free the prisoners.

Prepared for the show

Meeting up with the League of Gentlemice after the battle at Castle Grimhilde, Lilo told them about what she had discovered at the Coachman's circus. Knowing that the rest of the resistance was in no shape for an assault on the circus after the battle, the League and the Disney Dogs and Cats assembled to stop the Coachman once and for all.

Battle of the Circus

In Paris, Stitch and the animal heroes infiltrated the fairgrounds as the Coachman prepared his latest show, with children from all over the world, including Peter and even Lilo, targeted.As the heroes watched the dust settle, they decided to return to their friends, happy to have survived the Coachman's show unscathed.

Disney Heores Vs Villains War - Part Two

Asking Dr.Jumba

In Hawaii, Lilo and Stitch told Dr. Jumba and Pleakly about the attack on Stitch, and Jumba confessed that he had been hiding something the intruder may have been after - his other 625 genetic experiments. Jumba warned the others to keep the experiments hidden, lest others try to steal them, but the mischievous pair were already planning to sneak a look.

Heores Vs Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

A New Mission

While Nani explained to them what happened, Lilo and Stitch ran off to find where the mousers came from instead of going home like Nani insisted they do. While Nani didn't notice, someone else did.

Battle for Cobra Industries

April decide to check out what Stockman was up to. Elisa, Miranda, and Bonkers arrived at Cobra Industries, but were confronted by some of his staff. Goliath and his clan arrived to distract them to the surprise of Bonkers and Miranda. Elisa told them to move forward while she helped her friends. The Joes arrived shortly after, only to be confronted by some of Dr. Anton Sevarius' scientists. With the help from Snake Eyes, they were able to get through. Stockman and the other scientists found April meddling with their equipment and decided to eliminate her with their creations. Lilo and Stitch made it through the sewers under Cobra Industries, only to be bombarded with mousers. Thankfully they were saved by someone they didn't expect. After escaping from Sevarius' crew, the Joes were then confronted by Viceroy's monster, the Krackenstein. They soon found themselves outmatched by the monster and captured by Sevarius. One of them managed to escape. Ordered by Elisa, Miranda and Bonkers followed the path to where the mousers came from, only to then be encountered by a swarm of them. After fighting off some of them, they both managed to pass through. Elisa ended up cornered by the mousers, only to be saved by Goliath and his clan. Assured by Elisa they weren't to be feared, April decided she needs their help in order to stop Stockman and his crew. The Joes ended up being part of Mindbender's experiment, only to be stopped by Goliath. It isn't long until everyone else arrived on the scene to fight off what's left off the mousers, the Bio-vipers, and the Krackenstein. Eventually, April (with the help of Lexington) managed to overwrite the mousers to explode. Unfortunately it appeared someone didn't make it.

Back home

Lilo and Stitch arrive home after their battle, only to be in more trouble.

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