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Lilithmon is a minor villain in Digimon World Data Squad, but one of main the antagonists in Digimon Xros Wars. She is one of the Bagra Army generals, along with Tactimon and Blastmon. She supervises IceDevimon and Lucemon, and controls the extremely powerful but mindless Daipenmon, Machinedramon, Arkadimon, and eventually HiMugendramon. She held an alias "Goddess of Darkness" as a title.Contents [show] AppearanceAs LilithmonLilithmon is a Mega Class Digimon that resembles a dark priestess, with bat wings.As Lilithmon Darkness Mode (Fused)In this form Lilithmon absorbs three Vilemons and the remains of Blastmon. Her outfit contain the Vilemon's head, and uses Blastmon head as a whip. Unlike the other combine forms, the Vilemon and Blastmon can talk.As Lilithmon Darkness Mode (Monster)In this form, Lilithmon absorbs Blastmon. Her upper half remains the same, but Blastmon's head takes the form of Lilithmon's lower torso, and they become giant sized.Digimon World Data SquadLilithmon is one of the members of Seven Great Demon Lords. She was created by a person that contained lust and the Code Key of Lust. She was eventually defeated by DATS.Digimon Xros Wars LilithmonAdded by B1bl1kalLilithmon is one of the Three Generals of the Bagra Army. She is so powerful that when "exploded" mentally, IceDevimon and Daipenmon, fused together and controlling them to attack.It was eventually revealed that she was responsible for the attack on the Sand Zone, which wiped out the Goddesses' Warriors save Baalmon. Learning the truth behind his sect's destruction, Baalmon attempted to attack her, but Lilithmon struck him first and nearly killed him. Lilithmon Darkness Mode (Fused)Added by Venage237Lilthmon fused with Blastmon's data, and three of the Vilemon's Data and became Lilithmon Darkness Mode (Fused). She along with MusouKnightmon fought ZeekGreymon and OmegaShoutmon but were both defeated. Lilithmon Darkness Mode (Monster)Added by Venage237At one point Lilithmon returns and this time, (with the help of Apollomon Whispered,) absorbed only Blastmon to form Lilithmon Darkness Mode (Monster). In the end, Lilithmon was finally destroyed when Beelzemon sacrificed himself to defeat her.Digimon Xros Wars (manga)Lilithmon is a member of the Twilight Army. She was absorbed by DarkKnightmon Darkness Mode (Blastmon) and became, DarkKnigtmon Darkness Mode (Lilithmon).AttacksPhantom PainNazar NailDarkness LoveEmpress Embrace

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