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Lieutenant Helga Sinclair is a mercenary and the loyal second-in-command of Lyle Rourke, fighting alongside him in both the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war and the Disney Villains War tournaments. However, she plays a much larger, independent role in the second part of Disney vs Marvel Villains.

She first appeared as a secondary villain in the Disney animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Joining Frollo's Alliance

Late into the war, Helga joined Frollo's alliance under her commander, Rourke. Helga seemed to remain at the Palace of Justice for the majority of the war, but was shown to have gained authority of Rourke's soldiers, as she was shown watching them as they prepared for battle against Ruber's forces.

The Battle of Paris

During Ruber's invasion of Paris, Helga and Rourke attempt to shoot down El Supremo's serpent ship with their fighter planes. They are met with a quick defeat though, as El Supremo shoots down their plane, killing Rourke and sending Helga crashing to the streets below. Although mortally wounded by the fall, Helga uses her last breath to fire her flare gun, destroying El Supremo's ship, as well as killing the terrorist himself.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Still Alive...?

Apparently, Helga survives her fall, but she stays out from the warfare. She only interracts with the forces of Frollo, before the judge would blow a strike at England, to take out it's current equalized king Amon.

Disney Villain War

Working for Xanatos

Hoping to combat Emperor Zurg's growing army, the criminal mastermind David Xanatos assembled an alliance of criminals and mercenaries, including Helga and Rourke. Despite being initially skeptical, both decide to join with him.

The Invasion

After witnessing Zurg destroy the Titans with his space cannon, Xanatos realized that Zurg would invade Earth sooner then he expected. Summoning Helga and Rourke, he informed them of this development, as well as gave them new weapons in order to combat Zurg's forces. However, before Helga and Rourke could make their leave, Zurg's general Dragaunus attacked New York City, forcing them to try and fend off the invaders.

Vs Nos4a2

As Helga and Rourke continued to try and take New York City back from Zurg's army, they were attacked by his Hornets, led by the space vampire, Nos4a2. Despite their new weapons, they are quickly overcome by Nos4a2's lightning blasts. In an act of desperation, Rourke shoves Helga into the vampire, and although Helga manages to get a few kicks in, Nos4a2 knocks her off the blimp they are fighting on. Then, as Nos4a2 prepares to kill Rourke, a mortally wounded Helga fires her flare gun at the vampire from below, hitting him and sending him flying. Despite this, the blast also dislodges several boulders, which proceed to fall and crush Helga.

Disney VS Marvel Villains War - Part 2

Helga is brought into Frollo's faction when Jafar (having hypnotized Frollo and usurped control of the faction) assigns her as a partner to another of Frollo's operatives, McLeach, in preparation for conflicts against Mr. Sinister. The two quickly butt heads.

Take Leadership and Battle with a Robot

However, Jafar later goes missing, and with Frollo unable to direct his faction due to Jafar's hypnosis, the faction is left without a leader. To fill this void, Helga decides to take the leadership position, much to the chagrin of McLeach. She is soon given an opportunity to prove herself in this role, when Ultron (disguised as Xanatos), sends out Vision to wipe out Frollo's faction. McLeach and Helga send their soldiers to kill the android, but Vision defeats them easily. As Vision advances on them, Helga activates a ray vision beam, damaging Vision and exposing the skeleton of his hand. As McLeach stuns Vision with a thrown knife, Helga takes the opportunity to shoot him with her gun. Thanks to their combined efforts, the two successfully overwhelm the android and force him to withdraw, leaving Helga surprised and impressed by her partner's performance.

Losing the Leadership

Helga's next action as a leader is to induct King Duncan and Monkey Fist into her faction. However, she is surprised by the return of Jafar, who quickly takes back control of the faction and names Lady Tremaine as his second in command, to the great indignation of Helga.

 The Battle of Egypt

Helga participates in the Battle of Egypt, where Frollo, Jafar, and their allies face the forces of Mr. Sinister. During the battle, Helga is on the receiving end of a surprise attack by Omega Red, but is able to take him down with a well-timed shot from her gun. However, she, along with her fellow faction members are caught off guard by the arrival of Sinister's master, Apocalypse, who easily slays Frollo. As Jafar faces off against Apocalypse, Helga is attacked by Mr. Sinister himself. Helga narrowly avoids being killed by one of Sinister's energy blasts. However, she is surprised when McLeach jumps to her defense, revealing his feelings for her and announcing that he doesn't plan on letting Sinister harm her. Touched, Helga reveals that she reciprocates his feelings, and the two begin working together to take Sinister down. Helga levels Sinister with a series of swift kicks, stunning him long enough for McLeach to shoot him with his gun, leaving him severely wounded. Helga capitalizes on Sinister's weakened state and drops a bomb directly on top of the mutant leader, killing him instantly. With Jafar having warped himself and Apocalypse away, Helga and McLeach are left the victors of the battle. The two of them later discover the petrified form of Monkey Fist, who was turned to stone during the battle.

 An Romantic Final

Later, Helga and McLeach hear reports of Jafar's victory over Apocalypse in Agrabah. The two then prepare for a romantic evening to celebrate their victory.  

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

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