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Lex Luthor is a comic book super villain in the DC Comics universe, and is mainly arch-nemesis to Superman. In the books he has been commonly conceived as either a mad scientist or a billionaire tyrant, bent on world domination. Either way, his characterization is that of a brilliant Machiavellian strategist, who always deduces the weakness of his enemies and uses it against them. He has been the leader of the Legion of Doom as well as the President of the United States under various artists' interpretations. He also appears in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War, as a major competitor.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Operator of Kryptonite Mines

Before the war, Lex manages to finance a Kryptonite mining operation. In the present time, he sends his two employees, Tyler and Jefferson, on an excavation mission. Unfortunately for Lex, after his employees encounter with Livewire, Jefferson seemingly "perishes", while Tyler, growing paranoid, after his interaction with the Kryptonite, joins forces with Mok Swagger.

Stolen Files

During that time, some documents of Lex Luthor have been stolen. He becomes suspicious about his new employee, who reveals to be Zartan, an agent of Cobra Commander, and the person, who delivers him all of the stolen documents to the commander. Zartan attempts to escape, with Luthor, and his partner-in-crime in hot-pursuit, after the rascal. They eventually corner him and interrogate him for more information. After he fills up all the information, he required, Luthor sends Zartan as a new prisoner to the facility of Belle Reeve.

Saving an Associate's Life

When Derek Powers, an associate of his, becomes heavily injured and mutated, after a failed battle with the Crimson Twins, Luthor sends his associate on a chemotherapeutic station, in order to heal his wounds.

Meeting with CADMUS

Later, Lex Luthor meets wih CADMUS' executive, Amanda Waller, who seek him for a truce, on purpose to explain most of the villains attacks in Arkham City.

Lex Luthor in the universe live action

DC Vs Marvel Villains War

Movies Villains War

Teaming with Kingpin

Lex Luthor approached the Kingpin and his top assassin, Bullseye, to propose a highly profitable alliance, an idea that greatly amused Kingpin.

Meeting with Dr.Doom

During one of Lex Luthor's reunion, Victor von Doom and Norman Osborn, thought they were essential to the company, are fired because not only because they make Luthor's company been overpassed by Cobra but also because they make way less benefits. Alone, Doom realize that the experiences he endured with Osborn can be a way for him to get revenge. Somewhere in New York, the son of the Devil, Blackheart, summon an old god on destruction, Gozer, on Earth, to spread chaos and warn everybody that Hell's forces are awakening. Doom, who is know dressed, comes across the traveler, and thinks it is a good way to test his new powers.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Xanatos

Lex Luthor's desing in Villains War (Legion of Darkness).

Xanatos saw that Lex Luthor's army begins to destroy everything in their part. Xanatos won't let that happen. After Luthor's arrest, Xanatos reveal to Luthor his informator.

Vs Valmont

After being captured by Xanatos, Luthor escaped by being save by Valmont and his gang, who were paid by Catwoman(A spy for Luthor) . Lex Luthor and Catwoman decide to not give the money to Valmont, which trigered him. Will Lex Luthor be able to defend himself and be worth as a Bill's ally?

His faction

Bill Chiper and Lex Luthor are greeted by Hawkmoth and Nergal who are eager to join in their faction.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Teaming with Rourke

Rourke joins forces with Lex Luthor following Helga's death from Ultron.

Vs Agent Z

Luthor shows Rourke the prototypes of an armor he is building and they decide to test one.Meanwhile, Agent Z is sent to Earth by Zurg to give the evil emperor more information about the new planet to be conquered and Luthor decides to take the opportunity to test his armor, will he be able to defeat the invader or his armor needs to further refinements?

Disney Vs DC Villains War

His faction

The infamous businessman Lex Luthor has gathered some allies to deal with the threat that Xanatos poses. Among them, there is also Cheetah, who survived against Scar and Shere Khan. However they are unaware that an old rival of Lex Luthor is watching this with his security system.Lex Luthor, having heard of Bane's victory over Slim, assimilates him in his faction to take down Xanatos asap.

Teaming with Amanda Waller

Lex Luthor requests Amanda Waller to aid him in taking out Xanatos. At first she doesn't care, however when he reveals interesting informations about his doing, Amanda has a change of heart.

Cartoon Villains War-Part Two