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The Leopard Men are human-sized leopards and the minions of Queen La. She controls them by threatening them with the powers of her staff. They are minor villain in the television show, "The Legend of Tarzan", and minor competitors in the villains wars.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two

Leopard Vs. Lizard

While on a routine day, Queen La and the Leopard Men get attacked by Drago. After Drago knocks off La, he continues to fire several blasts at the Leopard Men, killing many of them. While he continues to attack La and her henchmen, Drago gets caught off guard, when his father, Shendu, arrives in the scene. Distracted by Shendu, La opens a portal to Hell, sucking Drago in.

The Battle in San Francisco

While remaing in San Francisco, along with her partners, the Skeleton King and Shendu, La gets ambushed by the Shredder, Karai and Krang, who wish to take for themselves the atomic ray, that has fallen under the hands of one of Shendu's minions, Valmont. Not taking that easily, La orders her henchmen to seize her rivals, only to be crumbled to dust by a magic crystal, attached to the Shredder's helmet. When the Shredder loses his helmet, Karai steps in to protect him. When the Shredder recovers the helmet, he continues to blast out the Leopard Men. Eventually, all of La's henchmen are killed, when Karai kills La, by destroying her staff.

Disney Villains War 2

An Early Fall

Yzma seeks La, on a proposal to join Maleficent's faction. However, before La would answer, Ayam Aghoul arrives on her lair, having the same intentions with La. While La underestimates Aghoul's skills, the undead sorcerer throws a magical skull at one leopard, disposing him off. He then continues to thrown the skulls on the rest Leopard Men, finishing them off, before La would deal with Aghoul personally.

Joining Mirage

After La's death, her spirit is found in the Underworld, where Mirage and Hades restore her into a human once more, while at the same time restore La's fallen army, the Leopard Men. Later, Mirage discuss with her allies, included La and the Leopard Men, her ultimate plan, that she would lead to their victory, by summoning the Dark Dragon to their cause. After La's demise at the hands of the Sorcerer's Society, the Leopard Men's fate remain unknown. They may perished along with their mistress or either are still alive.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2