Leah is one of the main protagonists in the action-adventure videogame, Diablo. The daughter of Deckard Cain, later turning into and the adoptive daughter of the actual devil himself, Diablo, Leah is an extraordinary girl, though she is easily manipulated and possessed by various and powerfull foes.

Accoring to the Non-Disney Villains Tournament guide, Leah portrays the role of Kozmotis Pitchiner's daughter, the latter serving the role of Pitch Black's heroic self.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Leah Possessed

Leah possessed by the Diablo

Figment of the Mysterious Stranger

Though the daughter of Kozmotis Pitchiner perishes, prior to the events of the war, a pic of a twisted image of his daughter, in the form of Diablo's character, Leah, appears before her now christiened father, Pitch Black; being summoned by another powerful "demon", the Mysterious Stranger. Her physical disturbing appearance and tone, drives back her horrified father, leaving the Mysterious Stranger to cast out of his realm the Nightmare King. The daughter of Pitch Black does not make another appearance, thus far, in this war.

Video Game Villains War

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