LeChuck is the main antagonist in the Monkey Island Video Game Franchise.

He appears in Animated Villains vs Video Game Villains, Video Game Tournament and Worst Villain Tournament Ever.

Animated vs Video Game Villains War

Video Game Villains War

LeChuck CGI

LeChuck in the CGI universe

LeChuck is commanding his ship on the high seas when the malevolent Lucien sneaks aboard. The villain tries to take control of the ship, but LeChuck will have none of his attempt. He brings out his famous "flaming voodoo cannonball," only for Lucien to shoot it out of his hand. Fortunately, the cannonball does not explode, merely evaporating Lucien's appearance of youth. When LeChuck tries to cut Lucien down, the foe shoots away his cutlass. Enraged, LeChuck fires a cannon directly into Lucien's face, killing the mutineer instantly. LeChuck is later seen joining the forces of Gruntilda.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Charles LeChuck was born in a remote caribbean village in the early 1700's. He was the son of a trader living in the sparsely populated Melee Island. When Charles was 16 the village was raided by pirates, turning Melee Island and the surrounding archipelago into a pirate community which would reside there for well over hundreds of years. LeChuck was taken into the custody of feared pirate captain Gory Gabriel. LeChuck learned everything he needed from him to become a very fearsome pirate. LeChuck led an uprising against Gabriel and took over his ship, starting the reign of LeChuck and becoming the most feared man in the Caribbean.

As years went on, LeChuck's head became more possessed price than any other treasure in existence, an unknown pirate found a way to kill him thanks to the help from a mysterious voodoo priestess, known as Voodoo Lady. As LeChuck was looking for Monkey Island, the hero pirate sneaked behind him and tried to stab him with the Cursed Kutlass of Kaflu. LeChuck noticed him and was about to choke him until the hero pirate distracted LeChuck by stating a three-headed monkey was behind him. When LeChuck turned away, hero pirate stabbed him, releasing the Caribbean from LeChuck's grasp.

LeChuck fell to Hell, where he was welcomed by The Gatekeeper, LeChuck wanted to find a way to come back to life, and Gatekeeper promised he would be resurrected if he were to beat him in a board game of his. LeChuck managed to be the very first person ever to beat Gatekeeper, and he was resurrected.

LeChuck wanted to get his revenge on Voodoo Lady and started studying voodoo himself to turn him into a ghost and later a zombie. Zombie LeChuck wasn't really around for few hundred years as he was still looking for the Secret of Monkey Island. He was also spotted roaming in the European seas for unknown reasons.

LeChuck returned to relevancy in early 1990's, when he returned to Melee Island to ask for the marriage of Governor Elaine Marley. Elaine rejected him however, which drove LeChuck mad and he began terrorizing the Tri-Island Area once again. Then in came Guybrush Threepwood, a young pirate who Voodoo Lady believed to be the next one to kill LeChuck. LeChuck got wind of this and disguised himself as the Melee Island sheriff in hopes of stopping Guybrush, but failed. Guybrush eventually killed LeChuck by making him drink Grog. LeChuck would cheat death time and time again, being driven by his love of Elaine and hatred of Guybrush and Voodoo Lady. Eventually Malmoth, the ruler of Hell, got tired of LeChuck's escapades and made him a demon, telling him that one day he would be released to wreak havoc and finally succeed at becoming the Pirate God.

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