TFTM laserbeaks findings

Laserbeak doing what he does best, spying.

Laserbeak is a msall bird-like Decepticon who works for Megatron. While he appeared in the Disney vs Non-Disney Tournament, he did not actually fight but he did play an important role in Megatron's involvement

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Early in the War

Laserbeak CGI


Laserbeak was known to be present on Earth at least until after the events of Round 2. Being a master spy, he was able to record all of the fights and army rallying without being seen. After he recorded enough, he flew off to Cybertron, homeworld of Transformers.

Informing Megatron

Laserbeak live action

Live action

Due to the distance between Cyberton and Earth, it took Laserbeak quite a while to get there. As soon as he arrived he perched on Megatron's arm. Megatron ordered Soundwave, Laserbeak's master and best friend, to play what Laserbeak had recorded. The footage of the Earthling's fighting encouraged the Decepticon tyrant to join the war.

What happened to Laserbeak after is a mystery but Soundwave was seen rescueing Megatron from Gantu.

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