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Lampwick (real name Romeo) is an Italian boy who befriended Pinocchio on their way to the Coachman's circus in Disney Heroes vs Villains. Unfortunately, he is soon transformed into a donkey during the show. It is unknown what happens to him afterwards, though it is assumed that he is still a prisoner of the Coachman.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Attend to Coachman's circus show

In Paris, children from all around the world, including Brer Rabbit, the Lost Boys, Pinocchio, Lampwick, and the Darling children Wendy, John, Michael, and several other children, were attracted to the Coachman's circus.Unseen by the children, crows, or Jiminy, the Coachman and his goons locked the gates behind them to ensure none of the children could escape what the Coachman had planned for them...

Coachman's circus show

At the Coachman's circus, the children were enthralled as Stromboli introduced them to the night's main event: a magic show by the famous Sarousch.As the children watched with a mixture of fear and delight, the Elephants were joined in their performance by a group of sinister clowns. Suddenly, the true nature of the circus began to reveal itself as Lampwick began transforming into a donkey. As the children noticed what was happening, Sarousch used his magic to summon a horde of shadow demons to keep them from escaping. The children could only watch in horror as Lampwick transformed completely, screaming all the while.

Heroes Vs Villains War