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Krusha is a dimwitted crocodile minion of King K. Rool in Donkey Kong Country animated series. Krusha is big, but has a childish personality and is lacking in intelligence. The reason for this is because Krusha's brain had slipped from his head to his waist. In the episode Speed, Krusha's brain slipped back to his head, showing his real personality to be cunning, traitorous and downright homicidal. The brain would slip back again at the end of the episode, returning Krusha back to his dimwitted state. Krusha appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever as a major player and Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

 Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever 


Krusha was born in Crocodile Isle, home of Kremlings. He was often admired for his strength and intelligence. When Crocodile Isle was destroyed by a mysterious light, Krusha campiagned to become the new King of Kremlings, however most kremlings were afraid of him. Instead a young charismatic kritter named K. Rool was chosen as the leader of crocodiles, being rechristened as King K. Rool. Krusha became bitter and jealous, but he knew he had to be loyal to the king in order to get close to him and thus betray him easier, so he ended up faking a brain injury and started playing stupid and childish, while secretly fmanipulating the king's moves behind the scenes.

The Kremlings ended up moving to Kongo Bongo Island, home of the Kongs. Krusha was the one to secretly give King K. Rool the idea of going there, because he had heard of an all-powerful item known as Crystal Coconut. After that, the chase for Crystal Coconut began, but K. Rool's plans were constantly thwarted by Donkey Kong and his friends. Knowing that with his current equipment King K. Rool could never get the coconut for himself, Krusha built a computer to contact other dimensions. He ended up contacting a hyperintelligent cassowary named Boss Cass, who was apparently looking for a dimension where dinosaurs were still alive. Krusha and Boss Cass quickly became friends, and Boss Cass gave Krusha an idea of sending a rabid wild hog that had been causing trouble in his land into Videoland. Krusha agreed, and thanks to Boss Cass's dimension transmitter, the Hog arrived in Kongo Bongo Island, where King K. Rool found it and tamed it to obey him.