Kronos is the hidden antagonist of the first and main antagonist of the second Age of Mythology campaign. Kronos is the leader of the titans, who was driven out of Olympus after his children, including Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, rebelled against him. Gargarensis wanted to set him free, but didn't succeed. Kronos is yet to appear physically in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever, but still serves a background role for some of the villains motivations. He also might share footage with Mission Odyssey incarnation of the character.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Kronos was the son of goddess Gaia and a disguised Elder God referred to as Uranos. Due to the partial Elder God blood Kronos had, he posed serious threat to Elder Gods themselves. Kronos was believed to create the Pillars of Time, which allowed different beings to travel back and forth in time. For what purpose Kronos created the Pillars however is not known.

His children and other minor gods, led by Zeus, Hades and Poseidon eventually overthrowed him as the God of Earth. Kronos alongside other titans were sealed to Tartarus. Some titans however, were able to escape, such as Icaros.

Several thousand years later, Gargarensis wanted to release Kronos from his prison in order to kill the Gods, but seemingly was unsuccessful.


When hero Arkantos and his men defeated titan Icaros in the Elysian Shrine, Icaros warned that the one who messes with time shall be punished by Kronos.

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