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The Kralahome is the main antagonist of the animated version of The King and I. A radical and somewhat racially insensitive departure from the original portrayal of the character, the Kralahome is a minor player in several villains tournaments.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Advisor of Rameses

The Kralahome takes the role as the new advisor of Rameses, besides Hotep and Huy. The Kralahome is also one of the witnessws to observe Rameses' sparkle with the noble woman, Zuleika.

"Show Time"

When Rameses sets off to Lady Tremaine's castle, he takes along Hotep, Huy and the Kralahome in his journey. The team crash a wedding ceremony, in which all of their enemies are presented. The Kralahome seems to be overexcited, as he uses his physic powers, to drop a drapery, atop the Queen of Hearts, laughing maniacally. However, much to his dismay, he is forced to retreat, when the forces of Lady Tremaine prove much for them.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Joining the Nightmare King

Being a long-time admirer of the Nightmare King, the Kralahome decides to join Professor Screweyes's circus. Not particularly fond of Screweyes, the Kralahome enters the circus while the Professor is fighting the Grand Duke of Owls. The Kralahome summons a fire-breathing dragon to frighten the Professor, but he decides to impress the Nightmare King by blasting the Duke away with his fireworks. Professor Screweyes is able to destroy the dragon, and the two reluctantly ally.

Second Fight

When Vlad Masters and Valmont break into the circus in an attempt to steal some powerful artifacts, the Kralahome tries to stop them. When his flunky fails to stop Valmont, the Kralahome creates a projection of a T. Rex in hopes of keeping his foes at bay. The tactic fails, and the two criminals are able to steal the artifacts and kill Professor Screweyes.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War