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Koragg is among the members of the Morganians, gathered by Mesogog in the wake of their former leader Horvath's demise. However, he and the others quickly grow dissatisfied with Mesogog's incompetent leadership. He and his fellow Morganians, Necrolai and Drake Stone, later stumble across a an old vase that they suspect holds great magical power. At Drake's urging, Necrolai opens the vase as Koragg watches. Much to their shock, the vase releases Horvath, who promises to free them from Mesogog's service and release their mistress Morgana on their own.

Under Horvath's leadership, the Morganians redirect their efforts towards dealing with a new rising threat: the Orgs. Mobilizing their forces, the group launches a full-force attack on the Orgs' headquarters, catching them off guard. During the battle, Koragg engages the Orgs' top mercenary, Barbossa, in a swordfight. The two appear evenly matched, until Necrolai arrives to aid Koragg by disarming Barbossa. The knight then attempts to finish off Barbossa with his magic, but the cursed pirate proves to be unkillable. Fortunately, with the rest of the Orgs falling before the Morganians, Barbossa was forced to fall back, leaving Koragg and Necrolai in control of the battlefield. They later receive news that Horvath and Mesogog have succeeded in slaying the Orgs' leader, Master Org, leaving the Morganians victorious.

However, all is not well in the Morganian ranks just yet, as back at the central base, Koragg is informed by Necrolai that someone has broken in. Koragg engages the intruder, Vanitas, who attacks him with his data discs. Koragg manages to keep up with the nimble assassin's blows, before knocking him back with a strike from his sword. Unbeknownst to Koragg, however, he has been betrayed by Necrolai, who decides to reveal her treachery by shooting Koragg with a magical arrow, transforming him into a weaker, demonic form. As Koragg was distracted by this, Vanitas took the opportunity to kick the knight into a crevasse, leaving the kinght to fall to his death.


Disney vs Marvel Villains - Part Two

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Koragg is called to a meeting of the most infamous villains in the live-action universe (also including Kal, the Sanderson Sisters, Necrolai, and Barbossa), where the meeting's host, Queen Regina, recruits them all into her faction, promising that together they will claim the victory they have long been denied. As his first task, Koragg is sent to kill Regina's old enemy, the trickster god Loki. Koragg and his troops confront Loki on the edge of the Dark Forest. Loki fires off several beams from his staff, scattering Koragg's forces as they try to return fire. However, Koragg dodges the attacks and knockes Loki back with a blast of energy from his shield. Loki retaliates with another blast from his staff, this one hitting home. Injured and outmatched, Koragg retreats.

As the conflict between Loki and Regina continues, Koragg remains suspicious of the queen's motives, as he and Kal decide to investigate by asking her magic mirror about her true identity. The mirror tells them that the queen is originally from another universe. At this discovery, Kal mused that his father had been right about the existence of the other universe, which prompted Koragg to ask about what happened to his father. Kal then revealed to Koragg how his father, Kalabar, had sought to conquer both universes, but had been killed by Laufey (the king of the Frost Giants) before this could come to pass.

As the war reaches it's final stages, Loki eventually manages to execute his master plan, releasing an alien army known as the Chitauri on the live-action world, forcing Koragg and the rest of Regina's faction to intervene and stop them. Koragg attempts to go after Loki once more, only for the trickster god to give him the slip, before he and Regina move their battle elsewhere. As the Chitauri continue to advance, Koragg equips his Zord to repel them. With a swing of his blade, Koragg is able to bring down one of the Chitauri's giant Leviathans. However, the knight meets his match against one of Loki's warriors, the Destroyer, who knocks Koragg out of his Zord with a blast, leaving his fate unknown.

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