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The Klaww Gang are the primary antagonists of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, released in 2004. It is comprised of Dimitri, Rajan, The Contessa, Jean Bison, Arpeggio, and Neyla. While their ultimate goal is to revive Clockwerk so that Arpeggio can fuse with his frame and become immortal, and each member of gang does help with this, the gang is largely decentralized and each member has their own objectives which they hope to accomplish as well. Dimitri manages a Nightclub in Paris, France, and is secretly a drug dealer, and also uses the Clockwerk Tail Feathers to print money. Rajan hosts a Ball in India and wants to be seen as royalty, using the Clockwerk Wings to increase his prestige. The Contessa uses Clockwerk's Eyes to hypnotize criminals and force them to reveal where they've hidden their fortunes. Jean Bison used Clockwerk's Lungs and Stomach to power his Iron Horse Trains to eternally ship spice for the Klaww Gang and Clockwerk's Talons to help him cut down all the forests and jungles in the world. And Neyla aimed to ultimately betray Arpeggio and fuse with the Clockwerk Frame herself.


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