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&nbsp king salazar is the main villain of the movie wakko wish and a smaller compétitor in the war disney vs non disney

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Vs Pete

Pete had been expelled from france by El Supremo, so he and his soldiers were the people of acme and began to loot and put heir flag everywhere but the tax collector thaddeus plotz hears about this and informs the King Salazar, seeing this as a threat sent to the king and the sheriff ralph plotz to stop them, but are arrested later a soldier informs Pete's arrest so he decides to kill the ruler of acme, after your first plan will fail to Salazar came a new, once pete comes Salazar presents him and his soldiers to heir "puppies" shooting at the soldiers from the exit doors when puppies are released is pete dropped his pants and falls from a window making Salazar win the battle.

  • his whereabouts are unknown since

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Vs Pete

Salazar has been informed that the Retro Pete has taking over his town,Salazar decides to deal the Petr (Classic) himself.

Vs Duke Igthorn

Duke create a plan to Replace King Salazar,who defeated Pete (Classic).