King Minos

King Minos is a demon serving Chernabog as the Judge of the Dead. It is his responsibility to judge the souls of those who enter Hell and assign them to their punishments. He is clearly based on the King Minos of Dante's Commedia, guarding the second level of Hell

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Conflict against Frollo

The Judge is first seen condemning a damned soul to the ninth and lowest circle of Chernabog's Hell (the circle of treachery) by lowering the unfortunate soul on a spiked wheel and sending him to his doom, before turning his attention to Frollo. Frollo immediately proclaims that he is guiltless; his arrogance immediately infuriates Minos, who slams Frollo with his tail and reaches out to grab him. Frollo, acting quickly and with surprising agility, manages to wound Minos with his sword. Minos, in pain and rage, angrily cries out that Lucifer (Chernabog) will devour Frollo for eternity as the latter quickly makes his escape.

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