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King Dymas' Guards are the royal guards of King Dymas, the ruler of the kingdom of Syracuse. First appearing as tertiary heroes from the Dreamworks' animated movie, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, the Guards are also featured in the first Heroes vs. Villains under the leadership of Prince Proteus.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Soldiers of Queen Grimhilde

The archive footage of the Guards is used for the imprisoment of Sinbad by Queen Grimhilde's decision. They bring him into the dungeons, where he confronts with one of his previous rivals, Aladdin.

Soldiers of Prince Proteus

The real soldiers appear in the events of the war. When Sinbad is captured by Ursula early in the war, Proteus attempt to save him only for his guards to stop his advances.

During the battles of the Ocean, Proteus and the guards rush to Sinbad's call to save him from Captain Hook, the latter threatening to kill him; furthermore they assist him in his fight against Ursula and Monstro.

Later, Sinbad and his allies got ambushed by Hades and his deadliest pet, the Hydra. When the soldiers advance, the Hydra devours one of them alive before turning his attention to the others. However, its neck got sliced by the Unicorn, freeing the ingested soldier. When the Hydra grows more heads, the said soldier foolishly charged at the monster, surprising Sinbad and Proteus in the process. Thankfully, the Hydra is crushed by large boulders, allowing for the heroes to continue on their journey to stop the villains.

In the Epilogue, Sinbad, Proteus, and the guards celebrate the end of the war at King Stefan's castle along with many other heroes before deciding to return to Syracuse. They are not seen again afterwards.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

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