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King Dedede in the Animated Universe

King Dedede is the main antagonist of Kirby franchise and the arch-nemesis of Kirby. Dedede is the lazy, self-proclaimed, and evil ruler of Dreamland, who often gets possessed by more powerful evil beings, which leads to him fighting Kirby. Despite this, Dedede is not pure evil, and has worked together with Kirby a few times. Anime series Kirby: RIght Back At Ya has however given Dedede a more antagonistic portrayal, who legitimately wants to destroy Kirby. Dedede has made appearances in several villain wars.

King Dedede in the CGI Universe

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Ordering some monsters

In King Dedede's Castle, the king has found the book of the "Nightmare Enterprises" and orders them to send all the monsters he need, for the incoming war.

Vs McLeach

Hunting has been forbidden, in Dedede's kingdom. McLeach goes to have a little "talk" with the king, about the hunting Dedede explains he needs all the hunters for the incoming war. Dedede seeing that Mc leach will not obey frees Tornadon to eliminate the little pest. Will McLeach hunt Tornadon or will the hunter become the prey?

Wanting Pete killed

The Nightmare Enterprises shows that they have new monsters to King Dedede, but the King wants someone that could take out Pete for good.

Vs Pete

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Vs Pete

While wandering around, Pete saw a mysterious creature steal the heart of a man. But when more of the creatures were spawned, they didn't have any interest in attacking Pete, but seemed more interested in serving him. He also looked ahead and found a castle sitting on a mountain.

Pete, trying to take over the castle for Maleficent, was confronted by the owner of the castle himself, King Dedede. Surprised to see him OUTSIDE the castle, Pete challenged the king to a duel. While Pete's Heartless and Dedede's minions battled, Pete squared off with the king. Before Dedede could bring his hammer to bear, Pete punched him in the face, knocking the king out.

In Another Dimension

Meta-Knight flew over to King Dedede's castle and started to inform his ally of the situation, but unbeknownst to them, a pair of robots set off a bomb that sucked the two of them into a portal. Dedede woke up in the animated dimension where he saw a snail in his castle. While he questioned it at first, he let it go because "Hey, free minions."

Contacting Nightmare Enterprisses

Reading through a book to find new allies, King Dedede came across a company called "Nightmare Enterprises" and when he contacted them, they informed him that they would send him all the monsters he needs.

Sending Bugsy

Wanting to test out one of Nightmare Enterprises' monsters. Dedede ordered Bugsy to go cause some havoc.

Vs Lady Tremaine

After proving herself worthy, Queen Grimhilde offered Lady Tremaine a powerful magic wand. Her first order was to destroy the one who sent a monster to attack her. Termaine and her daughters set off to find King Dedede. It didn't take long to find Dedede who sent his new monster. the Windwhipper, after Tremaine. The monster sent out a massive windstorm with its propeller, blowing up Treamines' daughters' skirts and knocking Tremaine's arm into the air, as she cast a spell, knocking it off balance. The spell caused a thunder storm. The lightning destroyed the Windwhipper and Dedede, with his car being blown around by the winds, retreated with Escargoon.

Prepare his attack

Angry at both Bugsy's defeat, and this new attempt to kill him, Dedede demanded one of the strongest monsters Nightmare Enterprises could offer, though they didn't exactly get what they were expecting as the monster was incredibly small.

Against Queen Grimhilde's Forces

While planning to deal with Dedede once and for all, Rasputin noticed a strange and sudden snow storm outside the castle. Queen Grimhilde ordered Rasputin to investigate. Once he left the castle, he discovered that the source of the storm was the Ice Dragon, now at its full size. He got ready to battle the monster, but unfortunately for him; he stepped on thin ice. With a mighty stomp, the Ice Dragon broke the ice and sent him to his death. With Rasputin gone, Dedede ordered his Waddle Dee troops to invade the castle and find a way for him and his minions to enter. Tremaine and the queen saw their invasion, and the Queen ordered Tremaine to dispose of him. Once Dedede got inside the castle, he ordered his troops to attack Tremaine, but she defeated them easily. With the power of her wand, she summoned a monster to aid her. Before it could strike, Meta-Knight rushed to the rescue and destroyed the monster with his trusty sword. After seeing how powerful Meta-Knight was, Lady Tremaine and her daughters decided to retreat. Dedede ordered his troops to search for them in case they were still in the castle. The Queen asked the Mirror how her minions were doing and the Mirror informed her that Rasputin was dead, and Tremaine had abandoned her. The Mirror advised a retreat and that she disguise herself before they found her. Escargoon and Dedede spotted the Queen as she went to her secret chamber. Dedede followed the Queen, eager to smash her with his mallet. Yet when he arrived, the Queen changed into a hideous hag and frightened the king. As the king ran away, the Queen retreated through a secret passage before Dedede realized that the Queen was getting away.

Hunting Queen Grimhilde

While searching Grimhilde's Castle, Dedede came across the Magic Mirror. He asked it where Grimhilde was and it revealed that she was able to escape the castle.

Dedede once again ordered a new monster. Nightmare Enterprises sent a robot to help Dedede find Queen Grimhilde. Little did Dedede know, Dr. Pretorious had hacked into the castle's computer and knew about this new robot.

Vs Arburtus

Grimhilde makes a magic apple that can finally kick King Dedede out of her castle, but when the King notices her trying to plant it, Grimhilde goes all out as Arburtus is born from the apple. Can the King take out the plant? Or will he be weeded out of the castle?

Vs Ursula

Seeing his large amount of monsters as a possible threat, Ursula takes it into her own tentacles to go after the King himself. That's not to say the King isn't ready for the fight, but when the sea witch uses a certain trident, does he even stand a chance?

Teaming with Bowser

Both having made new enemies, King Dedede and Bowser meet up and decide to form an alliance.

Continuing his mission

Wanting to end his problem with Grimhilde, Dedede orders Meta-Knight to go out and take care of any of Grimhilde's faction members, while he orders as many monsters as he can to take care of the Queen once and for all.

Final Battle

Sensing an upcoming attack, Grimhilde retreats into her castle to create something to increase her power, and leaves Arbutus to guard her castle. But when Dedede attacks with three brand new monsters, will Arbutus and Grimhilde be enough to take him down even with a new advantage, or will they need help from an outside source?

Video Game Villains War

Worst Villains Tournament Ever 

Worst Heroes Vs Villains War Ever

Villains Battles

Failed negotiations

Having heard of the ongoing war, King Dedede decided to forge an alliance with Germany's current ruler, Lady Tremaine. She, however, refuses and King Dedede gets angry and tries to smash her with his hammer, however she uses her Magic Wand against him and stuns the king for a while. As King Dedede wakes up, one of his monsters scares the noblewoman and burns her alive, King Dedede then brutally shoots her offscreen. He also gains control over the deceased Queen Grimhilde's former castle.


As King Dedede celebrates his victory, Yzma gathers her forces to avenge Lady Tremaine's death. After hearing so, he orders the N.M.E. Sales Guy to give him a new monster from Nightmare Enterprises. The guy accomplishes, giving him the big beetle Bugzy. In fact, just like King Dedede predicted, an ally of Yzma, King Koopa attacks the king as he quickly eliminates Bugzy. King Dedede then decides to confront him personally, only for King Koopa to send him far away. However he does not lose Dreamland.

New allies

While assembling his alliance to the final battle against Yzma, King Dedede gets a surprise from the Nightmare Enterprises and Dr. Facilier as they tell him that they can offer him 3 monsters to take their enemies out. One of them is a weird monster, but Who are the other 2 monsters?

Vs Yzma Forces

The final battle between Yzma and King Dedede has arrived! The king of Dreamland and his allies (Dr. Facilier, Queen Narissa, two monsters of the Nightmare Enterprises and the Backson) must deal with the empress of Peru and her allies (Destra and the Team Nightstar, King Koopa, the Koopalings and Kronk) in order to get rid of them and conquest the empire. Yzma may have some tricks on her sleeves, but can she defeat Dedede and avenge Lady Tremaine?


King Dedede and Dr. Facilier decide to rest after they killed Yzma and her forces... and calm Escargoon down. As they have conquered power over Peru, Dreamland and the German castle formerly ruled by a long dead queen and by a former ally of this deceased queen.

Villains Battles 2

Villains Battles 3

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

In Prince John's faction

And after Prince Froglip's assault, Prince John recruits Governor Ratcliffe, the terrorist El Supremo and the monarch of Dreamland, King Dedede in order to get rid of all possible treats to the England.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Teaming with Prince John

Concerned about the arrival of Mim and Ruber in Camelot to ruin his kingdom, Prince John summons King Dedede to thwart his opponents. To convince the ruler of Dreamland, John will give a portion of his money to him.

Battle of Camelot

Meanwhile, King Dedede summons the Nightmare Enterprises to send a monster to help him and Prince John. The Battle of Camelot is upon us.Finally Ruber and Madam Mim are ready to face the alliance of Prince John and King Dedede. The winners of the battle will have control of Camelot.

Joining a new faction

Pete informs Yosemite Sam of Team Rocket's defeat by Ratigan and Sally Ratmousen, Pristine Figg's new allies. Meanwhile, King Dedede and his servant Escargoon arrive, who have just escaped from Camelot after their defeat. The king of Dreamland proposes that he wants to join forces with Sam and Pete. For the latter it is excellent news because they can now prepare for the decisive attack against Pristine Figg and her allies.

Vs Pristine Figg's Forces

Pete, Yosemite Sam and King Dedede are ready to launch the decisive attack on Pristine Figg. But she along with Ratigan, Sally Ratmousen, Fidget, Simon, Madame Medusa and Lickboot surprise their adversaries who are determined to return his house and her money to Pristine. Who will take all the money from the residence? Pristine Figg's alliance or Sam's?

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)


King Dedede informs Pete's alliance that Wolfwrath has been eliminated by Madame Medusa. This news upsets Pete, Sam and their followers because it means that Pristina Figg's alliance is still strong enough to create problems for them. Just then, Meowth comes up with a plan: to capture one of Figg's followers and make her a hostage, so as to force her and the rest of her allies to surrender her. Peter, Sam and Dedede are thrilled with the plan and entrust Team Rocket with the task of carrying it out.

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Prince John

Prince John, the ruler of England, forges an alliance with Dreamland's ruler, King Dedede, in order to stop Robin Hood from stealing his gold, however he refuses.King Dedede orders the Nightmare Enterprises to summon a monster to aid him during the invasion of England. As they go fight Prince John, he orders his guards to defeat the monster summoned by Dedede, unaware of its great swordfighting skills...

Vs Technus

Thanks to a ritual to resurrect people, Dr. Facilier and Prince John succeed in reviving Technus as the former king of England sends him to take out Bugzzy once and for all to avenge the "deceased" Captain Hook. As he finds Bugzzy and duels him, King Dedede decides to help out.

Teaming with a chinese emperor

After Bugzzy's death, King Dedede forges an alliance with China's newest emperor to make sure that Prince John and "his" allies are dealt.

Non Disney Villains War

His faction

After Mok's death, King Dedede reveals to have recruited 2 new allies: Holli Would and Rothbart. The king then asks Suzaku to betray Charles zi Britannia and help him against the emperor. As Kururugi accepts.

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two