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King Arthur (not to confused with the Disney's counterpart of the character) is the ruler of the kingdom of Camelot and the protégé of the sorcerer Merlin. The page is devoted to the character from the animated movie Quest for Camelot, in which he appears as a supporting hero.

Protected by the wisdom of Merlin and the force of the Knights on the Round Table, King Arthur finds himself threatened when corrupt forces like Ruber attempted to seize power for themselves. He, thus, joins the Royal Council during the events of Heroes vs. Villains to prevent the villains from taking over his kingdom.

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Not many knew of their Royal blood when born. Arthur was the son of the great Uther Pendragon King of Britannia who was at war with the Saxons and his mother was Igerna who happens to be married to Gorlois one of King Uther's friends. Uther and Gorlois go to war with each other over this, But Merlin his adviser use magic to change him into Gorlois so he can go with Igerna, and thus impregnants Igerna and so Arthur was born. King Uther now in his original form storms the castle and he and Igerna got married and had another kid named Anna. Sadly Uther was then poisoned by the Saxons and died. Uther's son, Arthur, is taken by Merlin to be raised by Sir Ector. England is threatened to be torn apart by war.

Miraculously, the mystical "Sword in the Stone" appears in London from Merlin, with an inscription proclaiming that whomever pulls it out is the rightful King of England. Many try to remove the sword, but none succeed and the sword is soon forgotten, leaving England in dark ages. Years later presumably a 15 year old Arthur stepped up to the magic stone and pulls out Excalibur and becomes the rightful king and established Camelot.

He began to precede several years later war against the Saxons, and fought victory, with brave knights by his side and they are very close friends to Arthur and they help Arthur defend Camelot from any invaders by showing chivalrous (polite), Merlin the Wizard showed Arthur the legendary Round Table – in a shape symbolising the roundness of the universe – he created for Uther Pendragon, Arthur’s father. When Uther died, it passed to King Laudegraunce. Real or symbolic, the Round Table for the fellowship of knights has remained a powerful and appealing concept. King Arthur now established any devoted knights of King Arthur, who serve his rule and protect the kingdom of Camelot, one of his Knights Sir Lancelot, Sir Lionel, and Sir Ruber . But sadly he and his knights never got Britannia back since it's now ruled by the Holy Britannia Empire, but he helped out other kingdoms from any other threats and thus he makes friends and allies of other kingdoms he saved such as King Papa, King Little, King Bombo, King Jarol, King William, Queen Uberta, King Have, King Nod, King Haggard, King Mongkut, King Dymas, King Acorn, Princess Celestia, King Oakheart Sheran Sharm, King Randor, Queen Marlena, Claudus and formed The Royal Council. Arthur visited one of the neighboring kingdoms ruled by King Laudegraunce one day to make treaty and met Guinevere, whom he loved on site. As part of the peace treaty, Guinevere was married to Arthur, but she had no objections. So Guinevere is Queen of Camelot and they both have a daughter Princess Kyra.