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KingEtemon is a villain in both Digimon video games Digimon World 3 and Digimon World DS. AppearanceKingEtemon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a golden version of Etemon. He wears a cape and crown to make him appear to be a king.Digimon World 3KingEtemon is the Duel King of the Duel Island in Amaterasu Server. He will give you the Sun Trophy if you beat him in Card Battle. KingEtemon can also be found in Amaterasu's West Sector, in North Badlands (East). He is also available as a Green Mega Card with 38/35.Digimon World DSKingEtemon appears as an NPC in the game. He went by the name EteKing the Third, and had stolen lots of food from the many Digi-Farms. Once the player accepted a quest from a Digimon, he/she would find KingEtemon in Steamy Jungle. Just before the player is done for, three members of DATS storm in, keeping this Digimon from escaping and bringing him to justice.AttacksSaru ShibaiKing Mon-kickTriviaKingEtetmon's Ultimate form is Etemon