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Kim Possible is the title name heroine of the Disney's television series, Kim Possible. An agile and strong teenage woman and capable fighter on her own, Kim Possible has occasionaly been sent on missions, in order to prevent the villains schemes, including those of Dr. Drakken's, Shego's and Monkey Fist's, from taking over the world, along with her partner, Ron Stoppable. She appears in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains and Heroes vs. Villains wars as one of the main players on the side of good.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains-Part Two

Vs Demona

Investigating the battle atop Xanatos Enterprises, espionage agents Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable scaled the building to get a closer look. However, they ran into another gargoyle, the human-hating Demona. Kim and Demona traded blows until Kim shot her grapple gun at a nearby pipe, burning Demona with hot steam. Ron tried to assist Kim but Demona shot at him with her laser cannon, sending him running for cover. Demona fired her laser at Kim, but Kim used her reflector to send it right back at Demona. However, as Kim stood over Demona, she recovered and struck Kim with the cannon, sending her sprawling to the ground. Demona then prepared to kill Kim with a final blast from her laser. As Kim gasped in terror, realizing she was about to die, Ron ran in and kicked Demona as she fired, throwing off her aim and completely missing Kim. Realizing the odds had turned against her, Demona departed.

Contacted by Xanatos

In New York, David Xanatos contacted Kim and Ron to tell them what he knew about the two battles on top of his building the previous night. He warned the two teenagers that the gargoyles were dangerous creatures who would attack any human that crossed their path. Kim and Ron agreed to keep an eye out for any more of the creatures and departed.

Heroes vs Villains War-Part Two

Saw Odin's Eye

At the same time, local teenagers and espionage agents Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were contacted by their friend and IT support, Wade, who informed them about the Eye of Odin being put on display at a museum in New York thanks to the patronage of entrepreneurs David Xanatos and Vlad Masters. Realizing that the valuable relic could be a target for criminals, the two young agents decided to investigate.

Vs Vlad Plasmius

Back in New York, Kim and Ron arrived at the museum to keep watch over the Eye of Odin. Shortly after they arrived, however, the pair was ambushed by the ghostly supervillain Vlad Plasmius. The ghost told them that the artifact was under his protection, and he believed the two agents had come to steal it. Unable to convince Vlad of their true intentions, Kim and Ron were forced to defend themselves. While both parties traded blows, with Plasmius teleporting, conjuring an ectoplasmic shield, and making himself intangible to block most of their attacks, a third party arrived on the scene, as Clavious emerged to take the Eye of Odin for his benefactor. The sorcerer blasted Kim and Ron away with powers bestowed by the Forbidden Arts. Though Plasmius was surprised by the sudden intrusion, he decided to beat a strategic retreat, fearing the attention of the authorities. However, Kim and Ron pursued the sorcerer, wanting to know more of his intentions.

Run from Museum

During the fight, Odin (who had spent his time in hiding ever since his defeat by the Unicorn and the Medieval Warriors) arrived to take his spear back. While both the Girls and Drakken were focused on each other, Odin claimed the spear and reactivated its powers, preparing to unleash it on them all. At that moment, all the combatants from the previous bouts, including Littlefoot and his companions, Dumpty, Piltdown and his security guards, Darkwing, Clavious, Kim, and Ron, coincidentally gathered on the scene. In the confusion, Odin spotted Clavious, recognizing him from the time he served under the Horned King. Yet Clavious possessed the Eye of Odin, an artifact Odin yearned to take it for his own. Turning against his ally, Odin summoned the powers of the spear to blast at Clavious. While the blasts missed the sorcerer, they destroyed the museum's retaining walls instead, forcing all involved to retreat. Littlefoot and his friends managed to escape in the nick of time just as the museum imploded, though they lost the egg they retrieved.

Team with Powerpuff Girls

Meanwhile, Kim and Ron met up with the Powerpuff Girls, proposing to join forces to investigate the motives of their enemies.

Meeting Professor Utonium

The Powerpuff Girls introduced Kim and Ron to their creator, Professor Utonium. He then brought them down to his lab where some other scientists were working, including Jenny's mother Nora Wakeman, Kim's father James Possible, S.H.U.S.H.'s researcher Sara Bellum, French scientist April Franklin, her talking cat Darwin, and Ludwig von Drake (who had settled on Utonium's base in order to avoid an ambush from the villain forces following his capture in the previous war), who tried to help Kuzco, Tiana, and Naveen in creating a formula that will turn them back to their human forms.