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Killer Moth is a super-villain of the DC universe, first appearing in Batman #63. A frequent enemy of Batman, fighting him in a similiar way and style, with the difference of battling him with various gadgets and machines, Killer Moth becomes eventually a monster, as Charaxes, transformed by the demon Neron. Due to his similiar fighting style, he is not a well-received villain in the villain community, as well as in the DC fan base. He is a minor player in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War, with the footage taken from the 2004 animated reboot series, The Batman.

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Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Vs Jack Spicer

Killer Moth makes his way into an abandoned facility, encountering the trickster, Jack Spicer, promoting him into battle. Sadly for him, Moth's playful gadgets and ridiculed perfomance, does not intimidate Spicer, rather than amusing him. Killer Moth then enters a vehicle, and attempts to flee. However, he gets radiated by his surrounding fleas, as they infest into his body, transforming him into a giant hybrid. In that mode, he catches Spicer, surprising him, as he knocks him aside. While not realising his true form, Moth looks himself on the mirror, as he shockingly, yet intigrued, sees the dramatic changes. In the distraction, Jack Spicer makes his retreat.

Team Penguin and Re-Match

In the aftermath of the battle, Killer Moth is recruited by the Penguin. The criminal mastermind establishes his own team of super-villains, with Killer Moth serving as a new addition of the team. The group is attacked by the Heylin, a group of lethal warriors, directed by Wuya, in which his rival, Jack Spicer, is also member of the group, forcing the Penguin to retaliate. Killer Moth has a bit role in the battle, appearing at it's near end, confronting once again Jack Spicer. At sight of the creature, Jack Spicer retreats, not wanting to face off the monster, managing to win the battle.

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