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Killer Frost is an antagonist in the DC universe, first appearing in the Firestorm #3 comic strip, as an enemy to the super-hero, Firestorm. A powerful super-villain, with the ability of generating icy powers and manipulate snow and ice at will, Killer Frost serves initially as the alias of Crysta Frost, and later of Louise Lincoln, following Crysta's demise, and of Caitlin Snow, in the new redesigned comics. She appears as a minor player in the Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War, with the appearance taken from the Young Justice television series.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Killer Frost, along with fellow partner Icicle Junior, spreads chaos and disorder on Star City. Their reign of chaos came to end, when Remington Smisse arrived to stop them for good. When Icicle Junior is severely injured by Smisse's gunshots, Killer Frost stands up for her partner, by blasting through her enemy's defenses, through her icy powers. Nevertheless, Smisse manages to shoot her down, defeating her.