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Killer is Carface's sidekick. He appears as the secondary villain in the Don Bluth movie, All Dogs Go to Heaven. A cowardly, neurotic dog, unlike his boss, Carface, who is a ruthless and vicious gangster. Killer is a minor player in the villains wars, featured in most of them, alongside his master.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Killer's first appearance emerges in this tournament, as he helps Carface driving a moblie car, right into the car of a berseked Sykes, blewing up his car and killing the loan shark. Killer later helps Carface track down Madam Medusa, for the reasons of collecting a precious diamong, belonged to Medusa herself. They pursuit her into her swamp house, though they are forced to retreat, after Medusa reveal her own sidekicks, Brutus and Nero, and sics them upon them. In the later events, Killer becomes the victim of Cruella De Ville's forces. Upon getting a clear shot, Jasper Badun throws a dart at the dog, though Killer avoids the hit. When Carface chases off Cruella De Vill, Killer decides to join him. However, Killer recieves a dramatically end, as Cruella De Ville sends him, boarding on a train, to unknown parts of the world.

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