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Kidagakash Nedakh (usually known by the easier-to-pronounce name "Kida") is the princess of Atlantis and lover of the explorer Milo Thatch. When her ancient homeland is threatened by the forces of evil in Disney Heroes vs Villains, she fights alongside Milo to defend it.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Lady Tremaine

Tasked by the Horned King with capturing another princess for Maleficent, Lady Tremaine decided to put the Fairy Godmother's wand to the test in a bold attack on the lost continent of Atlantis. Confronted by the heroic explorer Milo Thatch and the Atlantean princess Kida, Tremaine easily knocked Milo aside with her wand. She then used her magic to summon a large magical coffin to imprison Kida. Mesmerizing Kida, she forced her to enter the coffin, where she was turned to crystal and locked inside. Lady Tremaine then returned to the Horned King's castle to present her catch, frustrating Morgana, who was still stewing after having lost the crystal that imprisoned the Genie.


With no other options, Taran cut the chain holding up the cage, thinking it could knock out some of the King's minions. However, as the cage broke open, the prisoner within was revealed to be none other than the Atlantean Princess Kida. Unleashing powerful and unrestrained blasts of magic energy, Kida knocked Sa'Luk from the citadel walls to his death. As Kida's powers threatened to bring the building down, both heroes and villains fled for their lives. Just as the heroes escaped to the wasteland outside, they turned to see the citadel collapse into rubble. At last, Kida managed to get control of her powers, landing next to the heroes and explaining her situation to them. Though initially frightened by Kida's power, the heroes agreed to help her return to Milo.

Freeing Eric

Trying to find a way to return to Atlantis, Kida found Prince Eric under Ursula's control on the shore, with Scuttle trying to break the enchantment. Using Atlantean technology, Kida succeeded in freeing Eric from his mesmerism, and the trio headed out to sea to help their friends.

Battle Under the Sea

As Kida swam towards Eric, Marina tried to intercept her but Kida tossed her onto the ocean floor and pulled Eric to safety. As Ursula prepared to finish Milo off, Kida grappled with her, throwing off her aim. Ursula overpowered Kida and tossed her to the ground, but as Ursula was about to kill the heroes, the mercenary Vinny Santorini used dynamite to destroy a cliff above Ursula, crushing her under the rocks. It appeared Ursula had been defeated, but she tossed the rocks aside and made to attack the heroes again, but Genie came to their defense, shocking Ursula with electricity and knocking her out. Genie quickly transported the heroes back to the surface before Ursula could recover again.

Heroes Vs Villains War