Khesef and Sekhem are two creatures based on Egyptian animals and the servants of Set. They are minor players in the Non Disney Villains Tournaments.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Transformation And Defeat

In this war, Khesef and Sekhem appear as the monster forms of the high priests Hotep and Huy, after they take refuge to the Spirit Realm of Set and convince him to give them a power boost. The Egyptian god agrees and transforms them into powerful beasts. When Eris arrives on the spirit ream and summoned the Roc to her aid, Hotep throws a boulder into the giant bird, crushing it. In her anger, Eris throw the high priests of Egypt into the waters below the spirit realm.

Serving A New Master

After the fight, Hotep and Huy manage to reach the surface of the Spirit Realm. And since Set was defeated by Eris powers, the duo pledge their loyalties to Set's partner, Mumm-Ra. They help the god by banishing Skeletor, Mumm-Ra's previous rival, into the Spirit Realm and also offer to Mumm-Ra a power scepter for a boost of his powers.

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