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Kerchak is the leader of an ape group and the mate of Kala. A benevolent and protective leader for his clan, Kerchak grew suspicious of his foster son Tarzan, and kept his distance from him and the human race, although he later admitted his mistake and made peace with Tarzan, making him leader of the clan. Tragically, in the events of Disney Heroes vs. Villains War, Scar and Shere Khan orchestrated Kerchak's death to play Tarzan against Simba, though Kerchak would return from death to aid the Blue Fairy against the forces of evil.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Scar Forces

Although there were some setbacks along the way, Scar and Shere Khan's plot to sow discord between Simba and Tarzan went largely according to plan. One final thing needed to be done: they would murder Kerchak, alpha male of the gorilla troop and Tarzan's adoptive father, making it seem as if Simba had ordered the deed. As Zira's lions attacked a group of female gorillas, Kerchak emerged from the bushes to defend them. Shere Khan pounced on the mighty ape, but Kerchak caught him in midair and threw him back. Scar lept in from behind, knocking Kerchak down, but he recovered and pinned Scar to the ground. Noticing Khan coming around for another attack, Kerchak charged at the others but Zira slashed him as he approached, knocking him to the ground again. Mowgli, Timon, and Pumbaa, hearing the commotion, came to investigate as Scar ordered the hyenas to finish the job. Kerchak was no match for the sheer number of hyenas and was brutally mauled, despite Timon and Pumbaa knocking a few aside. Zira and Khan attacked the meddling duo, knocking them into the waiting coils of Kaa. Mowgli tried to escape and warn Simba of what was happening, but Kaa caught up to him and hypnotized him, taking him and the others off to eat. Scar, Khan, and the other villains left the mortally wounded Kerchak for Tarzan to find.


As Scar and Shere Khan intended, Tarzan found Kerchak dying from his wounds. Though the gorilla told Tarzan that lions had attacked him, he passed away before he could elaborate. Tarzan was left to assume that Simba was responsible.

All Out Heroes vs Villains War

Sad to see jungle ruler dead

Having brought help for his father, Kimba and other jungle animals (including the Pridelanders led by King Mufasa) that were friends of Panja's are saddened to see the jungle's former ruler and swear they will find out who killed Panja. Unbeknownst to them, Scar himself and Kaa watch on.