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Kemsyt is Gargarensis's second-in-command, an egyptian warlord and a villain from video game Age of Mythology. Kemsyt is the archenemy of Amanra, and serves Gargarensis in order to help him release Kronos. Kemsyt appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever and Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

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Kemsyt was born in Egypt, into a group of nomads who worshipped the God of Desert, Set, and were led by a raccoon-headed unidentified God who specialized in thievery. Kemsyt split from the nomads to head his own group of bandits, who looted the greek vessels that passed by. He also joined forces with minotaur pirate named Kamos. Kemsyt was able to create a fortress from all his riches, and gained a name for himself as one of the most skilled bandits in the world.

When cyclops Gargarensis was looking for allies, he was led by the fiery god Malmoth to meet Kemsyt. Kemsyt introduced Gargarensis to Kamos, who Gargarensis had a special plan for.

Kemsyt and Gargarensis would meet again few years later, when he approached Kemsyt with a plan to attack the island of Argus, where the Pillars of Time were located.

Taking The Princess

Gargarensis's forces attacked ruler of Argus, Princess Harmonia just when she was rewarding the war hero Rygar for another successful defense. Kemsyt took the princess captive, threatening her with his saber. Rygar was unable to rescue princess thanks to Gargarensis's beasts, and seemingly ran away with the Princess.